The Telgian Compliance Manager (TCM) provides consistent, effective, efficient and secure data management in real-time. Our compliance regulation software allows users such as chief security officers, site managers, facilities managers, CEOs and other qualified individuals to effectively manage all of their security protocols in one place and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and nationally recognized codes and standards, including DHS’s Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) and the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care Security Code (RCSC).

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The Responsible Care® Security Code Module

  • Creating a customizable compliance strategy framework according to the thirteen (13) Management Practices within the code
  • Providing a data collection portal for uploading and managing appropriate forms, policies, practices & procedures, and related documentation.
  • Facilitating the submission and tracking of impairment and incident reports
  • Providing continuous monitoring of your organization’s progress
  • Generating real-time email alerts based on programmable event triggers
  • Delivering corporate executive leadership real time and verifiable confirmation of critical management practice compliance
  • Demonstrating client company program compliance during required third-party audits, a valuable component of the Telgian Compliance Manager Responsible Care Security Code module

Background of the Responsible Care Security Code 

Following 9/11 and building on the lessons learned from those tragic events, a range of organizations developed programs and anti-terrorism technologies to protect American citizens and commercial enterprises from new attacks on U.S. soil. As such, American Chemistry Council (ACC) member organizations established the Responsible Care® Security Code, or RCSC, to enhance the safety of U.S. chemical manufacturers and their products.

Since security is a priority for today’s chemical manufacturers; federal, state and local intelligence and law enforcement organizations quickly embraced the Responsible Care Security Code (RCSC) as an essential program to aid all interested parties in providing a more secure environment for our country by sharing essential information, conducting training and drills and by coordinating responses to potential emergency scenarios.

The Responsible Care Security Code sets out 13 best management practices aimed at identifying and addressing vulnerabilities associated with facilities, transport, supply chain logistics and matters of cybersecurity. Companies that are Responsible Care Security Code certified must complete comprehensive security vulnerability assessments — or SVAs — that employ recognized methods of data collection followed by security improvements that meet strict deadlines. In addition, companies that seek Responsible Care Security Code certification are required to have third-party verification of their SVAs.

As the Responsible Care Security Code predates CFATS, the DHS has officially recognized Responsible Care Security Code (RCSC) as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology. This means RCSC certified partners may be provided with an extra level of liability protection via the DHS’s SAFETY Act in case certain terrorist-related activities were to occur on their premises.