Distribution and Warehousing Industry Engineering and Consulting

Telgian Engineering & Consulting (TEC) established its reputation by effectively assisting clients in overcoming material storage challenges. Our warehouse and distribution experience in fire testing, interfacing with code officials, and design innovation yields cost-effective solutions that help our clients operate efficiently. 

Some of our first customers, still with us today, are retailers that store products in warehouse environments. Telgian assists those customers by working closely with fire marshals, building officials, and code development committees to find the best engineering and design solutions to protect lives and property. 

Specific Concerns 

Commodity Storage 

Distribution and warehouse occupancies present significant challenges to fire and life safety that TEC is well-equipped to address. Understanding the impact of classifying the commodity to be stored or moved through the facility, how the commodity is stored, how high the commodity will be piled, and the height of the ceiling are just a few of the essential factors determining the appropriate protection criteria. 

Staff and Property Protection  

Distribution and warehouse clients prioritize fire/life safety and protection against intrusion and theft for their building occupants. Facilities need robust fire protection/suppression systems and evacuation procedures for emergencies. They also need security systems that prevent unauthorized entry and protect all occupants and assets from harm.    

Code Compliance  

In order to avoid legal and regulatory compliance issues, distribution and warehouse businesses must adhere to fire codes, safety regulations, and security industry-best standards. This includes fire safety and security inspections, accessibility requirements, and health and safety regulations compliance.  

Relevant Services 

Access Control  

TEC designs access control systems, which are the main managers of security technology systems, including doors, intrusion detection devices, identity management systems, and more. Our access control services include designing systems that provide management of doors and intrusion detection devices and provide identity management based on authorization privileges established at implementation and modified when needed. They can be unified or integrated with video systems. 

Distribution and Warehousing Industry Engineering and Consulting  Commodity Classification 

TEC offers commodity classification, which is a vital step in providing safe and efficient storage for our clients’ products. Our expertise involves assessing the composition of products and their packaging (containers and materials) to determine hazard levels, enabling us to define essential factors, such as fire protection system requirements, storage height and configuration, segregation, and maximum allowable quantities in the warehouse.   

Construction Cost Containment Planning  

TEC develops cost-effective and efficient engineering and design solutions to meet your commercial property building and fire code needs and satisfy code officials’ concerns. These services include, but are not limited to:  

  • Fire protection contractor shop drawing review 
  • Fire protection installation punch walks for compliance with approved contract documents 
  • Witnessing functional acceptance of completed alarm and suppression systems 

Emergency Management   

TEC employs a comprehensive all-hazards approach to emergency preparedness, aiming to decrease vulnerability, deter threats, and mitigate the impacts of catastrophic events and other incidents. A focus on proper emergency management planning is crucial for stakeholders, customers, employees, and supply chains. TEC offers operations continuity management (OCM) in line with industry standards like BS25999, ISO 22301, and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 1600, with ongoing support to verify that clients’ OCM strategies remain up-to-date and effective.  

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems  

TEC can assess existing fire alarm systems, code compliance, modernization, and optimizing the function of fire systems. Our fire detection design services include coordinating communications between fire suppression, detection and alarm systems, and security systems. 

Passive Fire Protection 

Passive fire protection in a building consists of all parts of the building’s construction and storage arrangements that do not require any action. This includes fire ratings of walls, windows, doors, vertical and horizontal openings, structural members, and fire protective coatings. TEC can provide consulting for implementing new passive protection scenarios in a building or analyzing existing components to determine current capabilities. 

Fire Suppression Design 

TEC provides design services for fire suppression systems, including fire sprinkler systems, foam-water suppression systems, low and high-expansion foam systems, and aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) system replacement. Our team will assess the needs of our client and the local regulations to determine which suppression system would be the most effective.  

Distribution and Warehousing Industry Engineering and Consulting  High Piled Storage Consulting 

Anytime normal combustible materials are stored above 12 feet in height or high-hazard commodities are greater than 6 feet, this shifts the classification of storage from low- to high-piled storage (HPS). HPS creates higher risks in the event of a fire, thus changing the requirements for fire protection. The challenges created are racking, solid piles (on the floor), fire department access, storage heights, smoke and heat vents, hose stations, and increased fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems requirements. TEC can analyze each site specifically and provide recommendations and solutions to remedy any conditions that do not align with current codes, as well as determine the best action for showing compliance and act as the AHJ-building owner liaison to promote the compliance process.  

Jurisdictional/Code Compliance  

TEC’s extensive experience working with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) across the country can simplify the permitting process for our clients. We can help you identify local requirements, guide you through the permit process, and proactively address any issues with AHJs to prevent potential problems. 

Large-Scale Fire Testing 

Large-scale fire testing is a performance-based approach where prescriptive code compliance is not feasible due to process requirements, undefined classification of commodities, or existing conditions. Through a comprehensive and rigorous test program, including bench-scale tests, intermediate-scale tests, and large-scale fire tests, Telgian delivers insightful analysis and answers to the most pressing fire protection questions. Our large-scale fire testing results provide vital solutions to the most complex workplace problems, including solid shelves, blocked flues, and aisle storage. 


TEC’s extensive experience working with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) across the country can simplify the permitting process for our clients. We can help you identify local requirements, guide you through the permit process, and proactively address any issues with AHJs to prevent potential problems. 

Security System Integration  

TEC can integrate security systems with fire protection and life safety systems for a unified approach to safety and security. Security, life safety, and fire protection systems utilize various methods and protocols to communicate with staff and first responders. Our team of experts can unify these systems into an integrated command center solution that best serves the needs of the client. 

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