Warehousing and Distribution Engineering

Telgian’s reputation was established based on our ability to assist clients with the challenges of material storage. Our warehouse and distribution experience in fire testing, interfacing with code officials and design innovation, yields cost-effective solutions that help our clients operate at the highest level of efficiency. Some of our very first customers, still with us today, are retailers that store product in warehouse-style environments. Telgian assists those customers by working closely with fire marshals, building officials, and code development committees to find the best engineering and design solutions to protect lives and property.

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Distribution and warehouse occupancies present significant challenges to fire and life safety that we are well-equipped to address. Understanding the impact of classifying the commodity to be stored or moved through the facility, how the commodity is stored, how high the commodity will be piled, and the height of the ceiling are just a few of the essential factors that determine the appropriate protection criteria.

Telgian’s founders, engineers and consultants were vital to reshaping the protection requirements applied to these facilities as a result of being the lead engineering firm conducting full-scale testing since the 1980s. As a direct result, protection levels have improved, while being more easily applied and less costly for building owners.

For more information about Telgian’s expertise in this area, please read our recently published articles addressing storage type occupancies.

High Pile Stock Plans/Permits

Full scale fire test management and consulting performed in the design and engineering phases.

Commodity Classification/System Design

Engineering and design services provide the most cost-effective solutions to suit distribution and warehousing fire protection and life safety needs.

Security Concerns

Warehousing risk consulting solutions integrate security concepts with sound fire life safety engineering principles and best practices to address the unique characteristics of each project.

Protection Criteria

Code consulting and engineering experts to mitigate code officials’ concerns and recommend most efficient solutions.

Construction Cost Containment

Managed construction to ensure effective engineering and change order management.