State Certification Item Number
AK General Contractor – w/o Residential 35428
AK Fire System Permit – Water-Based Systems – Class IIC 00-040
AL Certified Fire Alarm Contractor Permit A-0205
AL General Contractor 54485
AL Sprinkler System Permit 3692
AR Alarm Systems Company Class -E- Unrestricted CMPY.0001722
AR Fire Sprinkler Systems FSS-067
AR Sprinkler Contractor 0209790523
AZ Alarm Business Certification 18291
AZ Fire Protection Systems C-16 270071
CA Alarm/Sprinkler Contractor 701201
CO Registered Fire Suppression System Contractor 23-S-11649
CT Fire Protection Unlimited Contractor FRP.0040823-F1
CT Electrical Limited Contractor ELC.0187889-L5
DE Fire Alarm Signaling Systems FAL-0239
DE Fire Suppression Systems FSL-0141
FL Certified Alarm System Contractor EF20000320
FL Certificate of Competency – Sprinkler Contractor II – Type 7 Class 12 027220-0001-2002
GA Fire Protection Contractor License CL 000460
HI Fire and Burglar Alarm Contractor License C-15A C-31173
IA Contractor Registration Certificate C118153
IA Fire Alarm System Contractor AS-0204
IA Fire Extinguishing System Contractor Sprinkler FES-0861
ID Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor FPSC-065
IL Fire Sprinkler Contracting FSC0105
KY Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor T-012S
LA Fire Alarm Certificate of Firm Registration F 228
LA Fire Sprinkler Certificate of Firm Registration F 1321
LA Specialty: Insulation (Commercial and Industrial) Telecommunications, Low Voltage CL.56266
MA Alarm Registered System Contractor 4371-FA-C1
MA Sprinkler Contractor License SC 104414
MD Fire Marshal – Sprinkler Contractor License MSC-168
ME Fire Sprinkler Contractor FSC480
MI Electrical Contractor 6110119
MI Fire Alarm Certification A-0622
MI Fire Alarm Contractor License 5103287
MI Fire Suppression Certification S-1069
MI Mechanical Contractor – Fire Suppression 7112027
MN Fire Protection Contractor C-073
MN Technology System Contractor TS02266
MS State Contractor 18600-SC
MT State Contractor FPL-BEL-000112
NC Electrical Contractor U.28762
NC Fire Sprinkler Installation and Inspecting Contractor 23318
NE Certified Waterbased Fire Protection Contractor 22112
NJ Electrical Contractor Bus Permit 34EB01254600
NJ Fire Protection Equipment Contractor Bus Permit P01295
NM Alarm Contractor 366378
NM Certificate of Fitness 23-0043
NM Contractor Registration Certificate 03022120140223
NM Sprinkler Contractor 366378
NV Automatic Fire Sprinkler Contractor C-41A 0075558
NV Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems G 486
NV Fire Alarm Contractor – C-41C 0075218
NV Fire Alarm Protective Signaling Systems F 350
NV Fire Hydrant Contractor C-41D 0075558
NV Fire Marshal – Hydrant Contractor PH 1522
NV Fire Marshal – Portable Fire Extinguisher Contractor E 297
NV Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems Contractor – (Hood) C-41B 0079581
NY Business of Install/SVC/Maint of Security or Fire Alarm Systems 12000298921
OH State Fire Protection Company Certificate 53.89.1408
OK Alarm Contractor AC1839
OK Alarm and Locksmith AC1839
OR Commercial General Contractor 190546
RI Fire Protection Master 00000349
SC Burglar Alarm Systems BAC 13432
SC Fire Alarm Systems FAC 13395
SC Fire Protection Sprinkler Contractor FSC 1697
TN Alarm Contracting Company 1380
TN Fire Sprinkler Contractor 227
TN Portable Fire Extinguisher Systems Firm 451
TX Fire Alarm Certificate of Registration ACR-1751077
TX Fire Extinguisher Certificate of Registration Type A Extinguisher ECR-1751176
TX Fire Sprinkler Certificate of Registration SCR-G-1751253
UT Fire Sprinkler Contractor 7531451-5501
VA Alarm/Sprinkler Contractor 2705124919
VT Sprinkler Designer Certification I3-68074
WA Electrical General Contractor TELGIC*919RH
WA Fire Marshal – State Sprinkler Contractor TELGIC*913RM
WA Sprinkler General Contractor CC TELGIC*913RM
WI Dept of Safety and Prof Svcs – Electrical Contractor License 1096193
WI Automatic Fire Sprinkler Contractor 699372
WV Alarm/Sprinkler Contractor WV047040
WY Electrical Contractor Fire Alarm C-25566