Exclusive Vendor Benefits

At Telgian Fire Safety, we understand how small business works and what’s important to you. Our leaders employ a business-owner mindset ensuring that your needs are met, while providing best-in-class service to our customers.

Telgian Fire Safety’s vendor partners enjoy a host of benefits. These run the gamut from consistent, ongoing work to quick pay, plus the opportunity to build a portfolio and enhance credibility working with some of the most recognizable brand names in the industry.

A Reputation for Excellence.

Telgian’s reputation for top-quality service helps vendors develop a local market, with the strength and history of the Telgian name solidly behind them. Our proven track record and commitment to customer satisfaction helps boost your success.

Comprehensive Services.

Telgian Fire Safety is part of the Telgian Holdings Inc. group of companies that includes an engineering and consulting division. Our broad range of innovative fire, life safety and security services enable customers to choose Telgian as a single source solution. This sets us apart from our competitors and adds value for vendors.

Consistent Work.

As a large, national account provider servicing more than 150,000 locations annually, Telgian Fire Safety vendors can be assured of consistent work all year long, with no downtime.


You do not need a big sales team or a massive marketing budget in order to grow. Our sales team becomes an extension of your business, helping you reach your sales goals.


Our primary focus is national accounts, but we receive requests from local businesses daily. We refer these accounts directly to you with no strings attached, helping your business grow and become the preferred provider in your region.

Building an Impressive Client Roster.

As our vendor partner, you can diversify your revenue stream and work with some of the most recognizable brands in the country. Adding these to your client roster enhances your business’s reputation and helps win more local accounts.

Ongoing Vendor Support.

There is no cost of sales for vendor partners. And, you can enjoy the benefits of our training and sales support in addition to our marketing resources.

Access to Industry Experts and Best Practices.

Our leadership is active in global code development organizations, as well as industry-leading organizations such as NFPA, SFPE and ICC. Our vendor partners benefit by becoming part of a network that shares best practices and exchanges specialist knowledge.

Get Started!

There’s no risk and no obligation — just a consistent stream of work. We’ve made getting started as quick and easy as possible. Just click the Contact Us button below. Or, call us at 1-877-Telgian. Our team of support and training experts is standing by, ready to walk you through the steps.

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