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Telgian offers clients in our consulting sectors a single source for all fire protection, security, and life safety needs – separating us from the competition and transforming new clients into lifelong partners. Our firm is uniquely positioned to provide service during all aspects of a facility’s lifecycle: from planning a new building, evaluating and renovating an existing building, addressing compliance concerns, to decommissioning an existing facility. This distinction allows you, the facility owner, to be confident that the planned solution will be implemented, constructed, and approved as designed – within budget and on time.

The true difference and advantage of working with Telgian lies in our distinctive approach and culture of problem solving. By working to understand the root causes of the problem as well as the goals of the customer, Telgian Engineering & Consulting associates are able to provide the precise solution for the issue. Individually, many of our services are available from other providers, but no other company offers the same breadth of services and expertise as we do.

Our Telgian Engineering associates come from a variety of backgrounds with experience across many different industries from retail to hospitality to petro-chemical and everything in between. We pride ourselves on having the best associates in the industry to ensure our customers receive only the highest-quality service and solutions. Our team of engineers, former code enforcers, construction veterans, and industry technicians enables us to offer comprehensive fire, security, safety and loss control programs.

As a Telgian Engineering and Consulting partner, you can rest assured we have the right solution and the right expertise for your work.

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