Hospitality Sector Engineering and Consulting

Telgian Engineering & Consulting, LLC (TEC) specializes in delivering tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of the hospitality industry. With expertise in fire protection, life safety, and security, TEC ensures that these businesses are equipped with state-of-the-art systems, emergency response plans, and staff training to protect guests, staff, and property from fire hazards, security threats, and regulatory compliance issues. TEC’s services provide peace of mind to guests and staff, safeguard businesses’ reputations, and enhance hospitality facilities’ overall safety and security, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences. 

Specific Concerns 

Guest and Staff Safety 

The hospitality industry is entrusted with providing a safe place for its guests and staff. In order to keep occupants safe, hospitality facilities need robust fire detection systems, fire suppression systems, and evacuation plans to address the risk of fires. Simultaneously, security considerations revolve around access control to prevent unauthorized entry, surveillance systems to monitor common areas, and trained security personnel to respond to incidents promptly.  

Property Protection 

Hospitality establishments have valuable assets, including the physical property and its contents. These assets need protection from fires, vandalism, theft, damage, unauthorized access, and other potential threats. 

Code Compliance 

In order to avoid legal and regulatory compliance issues, hospitality businesses must adhere to fire codes, safety regulations, and security industry-best standards. This includes fire safety and security inspections, accessibility requirements, and health and safety regulations compliance. 

Operation Continuity 

Preventing fires and security breaches helps hospitality establishments continue operating smoothly, even in the face of unexpected incidents. 

Relevant Services  

Fire Protection 

Fire Alarm Design 

TEC’s fire protection engineers can design fire alarm systems, including sensors, alarms, and control panels, to detect fires and allow occupants and emergency responders to respond effectively. Our experts’ designs incorporate local building and fire code compliance as well as integration with other fire suppression and detection systems. 

Hospitality Sector Engineering and Consulting

Fire Suppression System Design 

TEC provides design services for a variety of fire suppression systems, including fire sprinkler systems, foam-water suppression systems, low and high-expansion foam systems, and aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) system replacement. Our team will assess the needs of our client and the local regulations to determine which suppression system would be the most effective. 

Jurisdictional & Code Compliance 

TEC’s fire protection consultants specialize in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code, International Building Code (IBC), and International Fire Code (IFC), as well as local jurisdictional requirements. We use this expertise to help our clients comply with all relevant codes and standards. TEC collaborates with authority having jurisdictions (AHJs) to verify building safety and compliance with fire regulations. 

Life Safety Analysis  

TEC offers life safety analysis of the site, including fire department access, amenities, identification and correction of deficiencies in egress, such as noncompliant paths and appropriate exit signage, proper fire extinguisher provisions, and fire hose locations. 


Access Control 

TEC designs access control systems, which are the main managers of security technology systems, including doors, intrusion detection devices, identity management systems, and more. Our access control services include designing systems that provide management of doors and intrusion detection devices and provide identity management based on authorization privileges established at implementation and modified when needed. They can be unified or integrated with video systems. 

Hospitality Sector Engineering and Consulting  Security Risk Assessment 

TEC’s security consultants will work with clients to quantify and identify their unique security needs. We will evaluate the existing operational, architectural, and technical elements, and make risk mitigation recommendations tailored to our clients’ unique needs. After performing the assessment, our team will provide a report with recommendations on how to improve security for your occupants and property. 

Security System Integration 

TEC can integrate security systems with fire protection and life safety systems for a unified approach to safety and security. Security, life safety, and fire protection systems utilize various methods and protocols to communicate with staff and first responders. Our team of integration experts can unify these systems into a cohesive solution that best serves the needs of the client. 

Video Surveillance  

TEC’s security team specializes in incorporating video surveillance into your facility’s security program. Cameras can provide real-time visual information about movement in your  facilities. TEC utilizes sophisticated features, such as object detection and artificial intelligence, to deliver an efficient video management program. We also design our video management systems to allow authorized individuals, such as emergency responders, to view real-time video in order to respond when an incident occurs.   

Both Fire Protection & Security 

Emergency Management 

TEC employs a comprehensive all-hazards approach to emergency preparedness, aiming to decrease vulnerability, deter threats, and mitigate the impacts of catastrophic events and other incidents. A focus on proper emergency management planning is crucial for stakeholders, customers, employees, and supply chains. TEC offers operations continuity management (OCM) in line with industry standards like BS25999, ISO 22301, and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 1600, with ongoing support to verify that clients’ OCM strategies remain up-to-date and effective.  

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