Telgian offers stimulating opportunities, a collegial atmosphere, and the opportunity to grow with the company. All new Telgian associates attend a two-day Introduction to Telgian event (ITT) hosted and led by our senior management team. ITT is an opportunity to learn Telgian culture, our history and business model, who’s who in the organization, and more.


We don’t just hire people, we invest in them. Telgian offers a comprehensive benefits program that includes medical, dental and vision. We are also committed to providing “quality of life” benefits that contribute to the success of our associates’ professional and personal lives.

Medical, Dental and Vision

Telgian provides medical, dental and vision insurance through a Preferred Provider Network. Associates benefit from medical plan options that best meet their lifestyle. Telgian also offers an employee assistance program.

Disability Benefits/Supplemental Insurance

Telgian provides long-term disability and basic life insurance, at no cost to the associate. In addition, associates are provided with the option to purchase supplemental short-term disability and life insurance, for greater coverage.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Telgian offers the opportunity to participate in tax-savings accounts through payroll deduction. The Health Care Account allows for payment of out-of-pocket healthcare expenses with pre-tax dollars. The Dependent Care Account allows for expenses, related to the care of dependents, to be paid with pre-tax dollars.

Paid Leave

Paid Time Off (PTO) leave provides associates the freedom to decide how to use their personal time off versus traditional vacation, sick and personal time packages. PTO accrual begins the month after completing 90 days of service, and is calculated based on years of service. Associates can accrue up to the maximum for the current year of service, and accrued time rolls over to the next year.

401(K)/Profit Sharing Plan

Telgian encourages associates to contribute a tax-deferred portion of their income to a 401(K) plan managed by Principal. Company contributions to an associate’s 401(K) account are subject to a five-year graded vesting schedule.

Tuition Assistance Program

Telgian is committed to developing and maintaining a high performance workforce and encourages associates to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their roles. Tuition reimbursement and textbook expenses are reimbursable with proof of payment and final grade up to a maximum amount of $5,000 per calendar year.

Additional Benefits

Telgian also offers emergency travel assistance, legal benefits and pet insurance.