Telgian Engineering & Consulting’s (TEC) security risk management team integrates security concepts with sound engineering principles and best practices to address the unique characteristics of each client and project. TEC has the resources and expertise to help formulate a comprehensive asset protection plan for public and private sector businesses, including planning, training, and implementation.

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Services Offered

Access Control 

TEC designs access control systems, which are the primary managers of security technology systems, including door locks, intrusion detection devices, identity management systems, and more. Our access control design services include designing systems that provide management of doors and intrusion detection devices and provide identity management based on authorization privileges established at implementation and modified when needed. They can be unified or integrated with video systems and communications systems. 

Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP)

TEC has developed and applied complex AT/FP programs for government and military clients, including the DoS (Department of State) and DoD (Department of Defense). The programs involve processes, procedures, and technology to protect all staff.

Contract and Proprietary Security Protection Force Operational Effectiveness Reviews

TEC’s consultants have extensive security operations experience to conduct informed assessments of a security force’s effectiveness. Proper motivation, training, and supervision can influence performance. Our experts identify gaps in security operations and make recommendations for improvement.

Corporate Security Benchmarking and Validation

Telgian Engineering & Consulting’s consultants have conducted peer benchmark research for a variety of industries. These studies focus on corporate management structures and technology implementation nationwide. Countermeasure techniques, mitigation strategies, response solutions, and security technology should support security operations. Once our TEC team identifies risks and vulnerabilities, we apply the appropriate mitigation and notification strategies to counter attacks, penetrations, and intrusions. The measures can include the latest technology, such as AI, to improve response effectiveness. Utilizing AI automates responses, which reduces the time needed to respond and can save lives.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED focuses on creating secure physical environments by integrating architectural design, lighting, landscaping, and other factors to reduce criminal activity. TEC uses the principles of CPTED, including natural surveillance, natural access control, territoriality, activity support, and maintenance, to help create robust security programs for our clients.

Forensic Investigations and Expert Witness Services

Our suite of security risk services includes forensic security analysis and expert witness testimonials. Our team has extensive experience as expert witnesses in forensic security for legal proceedings and court cases. TEC can take a project from initial discovery to evaluating premises liability, negligent security, or foreseeability complaints and provide physical security risk assessments. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) review geographic and operational risk factors to assign a security risk rating based on threats against people and/or property. We will provide a formal written report explaining the case’s specifics, as well as provide testimony as expert witnesses in a court of law. 

Global and Local Operations Center Planning and Design

Whether it is a GSOC (Global Security Operations Center) or a local SOC (Security Operations Center), TEC has developed the command-and-control technology and systems that improve security operator efficiency. Our consultants and designers understand the ergonomic issues, display technology concepts, redundancy requirements, and operational considerations for creating SOC suites that can meet UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards.

Master Planning

TEC’s consultants have developed security master plans for cities, counties, large organizations, and new developments. The plans become the guiding light for security considerations over time. These plans can be short-term (one year) or long-term (5 years).

Migration Strategy and Design from Existing Legacy Systems

Our security consultants and designers assist many clients in transitioning to state-of-the-art technology-upgraded solutions. Whether moving to a cloud-based solution or a different new system, Telgian Engineering & Consulting can help design and project manage the transition.

Protection Systems Design, Acquisition, Commissioning, Testing, and Management

Telgian Engineering & Consulting (TEC) has extensive experience in design services, from a schematic design phase through construction documents. As an independent design engineering team, TEC can create design documents for small to large, complex projects. Our team stays abreast of the latest technology and can explain best practice concepts to non-engineers and end users. TEC can also assist in selecting the appropriate contractors, reviewing construction progress, and testing and commissioning systems. 

PSIM and Situational Awareness Design

Company acquisitions and mergers make it challenging to keep security technology integrated and functional throughout an organization, including enterprise identity management. TEC can assist with the selection and implementation of custom solutions. The technologies in AI (artificial intelligence) and PSIM (physical security information management) play key roles in comprehensive, integrated, and effective designs.

Regulatory Agency Compliance Assessments

Many organizations are in industries that require compliance with regulatory requirements. Telgian Engineering & Consulting has experience with TJC (The Joint Commission)’s security and emergency management plans, NERC CIP-014 power facility requirements, Museum, Library and Cultural Properties suggested practices, and others. Compliance assessments can help guide the organization to ensure compliance and effectiveness.

Risk/Security Vulnerability Assessments

TEC’s security consultants work with clients to quantify and identify their unique security needs. We evaluate the existing operational, architectural, and technical elements and make risk mitigation recommendations tailored to our clients’ unique needs. After performing the assessment, our team provides a report with recommendations on improving security for occupants and property. 

Security Plans, Policies, Practices, and Procedures

Telgian Engineering & Consulting’s consultants have operational experience and can formulate or review an organization’s security plans, policies, practices, and procedures. We have experience with regulatory agency requirements such as TJC (The Joint Commission), Federal Reserve Banking Security Requirements, as well as organizational guidelines from ASIS (American Society of Industrial Security), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), and IAHSS (International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety).

Security System Integration  

TEC can integrate security systems with fire protection and life safety systems for a unified approach to safety and security. Security, life safety, and fire protection systems utilize various methods and protocols to communicate with staff and first responders. Our team of integration experts can unify these systems into a cohesive solution that best serves the needs of the client. 

Video Surveillance   

TEC’s security team specializes in incorporating video surveillance into your facility’s security program. Cameras can provide real-time, visual information about movement in your facilities. TEC utilizes sophisticated features, such as object detection and artificial intelligence, to deliver an efficient video management program. We also design our video management systems to allow authorized individuals, such as emergency responders, to view real-time video in order to respond when an incident occurs, which aids in the speed and effectiveness of their response.   

Workplace Violence/Threat Management/Active Shooter Awareness and Prevention Training

Workplace violence has become a significant concern for many people in the workforce, especially for healthcare and retail employees. Telgian Engineering & Consulting’s consultants helped develop industry standards such as the ASIS Workplace Violence and Active Assailant-Prevention, Intervention, and Response guideline (ASIS WVPI AA-202). We assess organizations’ plans to ensure compliance with the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) general duty of care clause. We can assist in developing the required training and documentation plans for workplace violence prevention and reporting requirements.

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