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Here are a few statements from happy clients, in their own words:

“Nicole, You ROCK!!! Truly you are an amazing partner and true asset to both Telgian and D&B. With all that is normally going on and of course everything needs to be done sooner than later, toss in a world that stopped & you continually deliver. I apologize for not saying thank you more, so THANK YOU!!!”

— Todd M., Regional Facility Manager

“Burlington needed a best solution for fire protection at our store in Lawrence, NY. After consulting with a local firm, I felt the contractor’s proposed budget and scope of work did not fit the challenge Burlington was experiencing and decided to gather a different perspective—this time from a design and engineering point of view. Enter Steve Roszell and Telgian Engineering & Consulting (TEC). Steve came in and proposed a remodel of the store’s sprinkler system, a very different solution from the original contractor. He ensured that our store is safe and code compliant for our customers. Steve is an exceptional project manager who provided his expertise through detailed updates, vast knowledge of sprinkler and fire protection systems, and continuous oversight of the project from start to finish. His innovative recommendation ultimately saved Burlington more than $200,000 on the completed project, a true success story for both Burlington and TEC.”

— Mark K., Manager, Facilities-Capital Assets

“Wanted to share Adrienne B. has been our tech for over 3 years. Adrienne always makes sure we are taken care of. She explains everything in detail and makes sure we understand what’s happening or what steps need to happen next to resolve any issues. She is a tremendous asset to your company. Thank you for employing such great talent.”

— Shannon E., Store Manager

“Telgian did an outstanding job; from their system design and coordinating efforts with the other members of our design team, through installation of the entire system and commissioning of the system. Telgian’s staff was knowledgeable and thorough, they responded quickly to my inquiries and completed the project on time and in a very professional manner. I would recommend Telgian’s services to anyone in need of a quality Fire Protection Firm.”

— Barry H., Project Manager

“Telgian is delivering everything they said they would, when they promised it.”

— Paul S., Sr. Director of Store Development

“We have been working with Telgian, as our fire protection and life safety provider, for the last six years. Telgian is an organization that has routinely demonstrated their industry experience, dedication to customer service and knowledge of regulatory codes and what is required for our facilities to maintain compliance. Telgian performs the fire protection equipment inspections for over 1100 of our locations in the US and Canada. They have provided services and repair in hundreds of facilities throughout our organization, covering a wide variety of issues. In addition, they are a resource that we have used for consulting services and code research. Telgian has managed several projects on our behalf and we are planning to move forward with a formal program for code consulting and project management. This program will provide our organization with a long-term return on investment by gaining jurisdictional approval to eliminate unnecessary devices in our facilities that currently cost tens of thousands of dollars to maintain and repair each year.”

— Steve A., Facilities Manager

“It was both convenient and comforting to know that I could place one call at any time and receive immediate attention to, and resolution of, a fire protection related problem… for owners who construct multiple locations over a broad geographic area and where low costs and time are of the essence, it is well worth the effort to incorporate (Telgian) expertise into your construction program.”

— Terry M., Former Director of Development

“Jessie has been my main contact at Telgian for over three years and has done a stellar job of not only taking care of our fire protection systems but pulling me in off the ledge when things get tough. Jessie’s knowledge of the restaurant industry has been a blessing; she understands the pressure we are under to not only keep the doors open but to serve a full menu. Her knowledge of the fire protection business and her genuine empathy for our day to day stresses makes Jessie the perfect partner.

Jessie has responded to every challenge and has always given me her best. When we have had missteps Jessie has always owned it and made sure it was fixed quickly. Her “get it done” attitude and wry sense of humor brightens a day that can sometimes be filled with one problem after another.”

— Jim S., Regional Facilities Manager

“Since ours was an operating distribution center, it was critical to the project that all work be performed without shutting down operations or limiting our ability to meet customer demand. We’re very pleased how Telgian handled this project and have since brought them in to help us with another Distribution Center.”

— Todd M., Executive VP, Planning/Development/Administration

“Just to let you know, I loved everything Telgian did for us. That technical report was great and informed us on how that facility actually worked. Our customer used that information to run the place for several weeks during a training session not long ago. We wouldn’t have known how unless you all had been there to figure it out. In the end, we scoped everything to be replaced as the budget was allowed to go up. The intent of your report was to fall back on information such that, if we needed to, we could look there and determine what needed to be fixed or could stay a little longer if needed to get the number down.”

— R. Jones, Project Manager

“We would like to extend our appreciation and commend you and your company for the hard work and dedication exhibited on the World Headquarters project. This is reflected by the diligence, innovation and teamwork shown by your employees. After receiving site plan approval from local officials, site construction began… with the goal of completing the project in four years. However, project completion was achieved in a 3-year period. Your company’s performance contributed to the early completion of this significant project.

Your efforts to complete the project according to project standards and in the safest possible means are applauded. We are grateful for the dedication demonstrated by your crews during the project, including carrying out their work in extreme winter weather conditions, and your company’s careful planning deployment of resources, all of which contributed to the project’s success.“

— World Headquarters Project Coordination

“Telgian is by far superior then the other companies I have worked with for countless reasons… we are not just another number to you. You don’t often find that with other vendors. Others are eager to get our business but fail to execute when things get tough. Every employee of Telgian that I have ever worked with has truly made me feel like no challenge is too hard for them to overcome and they are always so friendly when working on issues. Our Account Manager, Dean Hughbanks far exceeds all of my expectations and is constantly surprising me with how much he accomplishes for our company. He is always willing to give me all the time I need to answer my questions… At the end of the day, knowing that Telgian is working beside me, makes me know that we are in the best hands possible when it comes to Fire and Life Safety.“

— Stefanie S., Technical Services Coordinator