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Since 1985, Telgian Fire Safety has served as a trusted partner to clients around the globe, providing innovative solutions and keeping facilities safe, compliant and on budget. Telgian’s expertise includes testing, inspections and repair of Fire Life Safety Systems including Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems, Emergency/Exit Lights, Special Hazards, Clean Agent Systems and Fire Alarm Monitoring. 

We specialize in service to multi-location properties, as well as large single-campus facilities. Telgian provides fire safety inspection services to approximately 50,000 locations annually throughout the US and abroad, providing a centralized approach and standardized way for clients to manage their FLS program, including Inventory Tracking, Capital Replacement Programs, Budgeting and Forecasting.

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Our expertise provides property managers, facilities managers, retail managers and site managers the ability to ensure their FLS systems are in compliance. Telgian provides FLS inspection, testing, maintenance and repair services for:

First-Class Fire and Life Safety Systems Inspection Services

In addition to service for multi-location properties, we also specialize in providing comprehensive fire safety services to large, single-campus facilities throughout the United States, Canada and internationally. By consolidating testing and inspection services across multiple properties, we help you reach economies of scale.

Telgian Fire Safety also provides a centralized approach and standardized way for clients to manage their FLS program through Inventory Tracking, Capital Replacement Programs, Budgeting/Forecasting and a Customer Web Portal.

Unbiased, Expert Inspections

Telgian is the only unbiased provider of fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and fire pump testing and inspection services. This means that unlike other service providers, at Telgian, we completely separate the inspection and test processes from repairs. In this way, we eliminate all chances of a conflict of interest arising on behalf of the technicians performing the work.

For this reason, you can rely on Telgian’s inspections and testing to reduce overall life-cycle costs for facilities and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that repairs identified are truly needed, and not the result of a technician fulfilling a sales quota.

Telgian performs these services nationwide through our own qualified inspectors – ensuring compliance, safety, and cost containment with no conflict of interest. Telgian’s inspectors are constantly participating in training programs both live and on line. Face to face training sessions are conducted twice a year and, as a result, our people are exposed to a minimum of 40 contact hours annually in training led by NFPA senior instructors. We take this investment in our technicians seriously and prepare them to provide best-in-class services to our customers. Telgian employs Certified Fire Protection Specialists (CFPS), as well as NICET Certified Inspectors.

Single Point of Contact

Telgian customers get direct contact from a dedicated and empowered account manager who controls all aspects of your service program.


We customize services to fit your operational and budgetary needs, saving you time and effort, and utilize advanced project management techniques to ensure timely and effective completion of work.

We provide competitive pricing based on our nationwide coverage and logistics scheduling, which allows us to group new customer inspections into our existing schedule. In addition, our separation model is a key component to delivering significant cost-savings.

Telgian — Worldwide Fire, Safety and Security Solutions

Prevent tragedies and save lives by contacting us for the unbiased inspection, testing and repair of your fire and life safety systems.

To learn more about our fire safety services, simply fill out our contact form or call 1-877-TELGIAN.

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“Nicole, You ROCK!!! Truly you are an amazing partner and true asset to both Telgian and D&B. With all that is normally going on and of course everything needs to be done sooner than later, toss in a world that stopped & you continually deliver.…
— Todd M., Regional Facility Manager
“Burlington needed a best solution for fire protection at our store in Lawrence, NY. After consulting with a local firm, I felt the contractor’s proposed budget and scope of work did not fit the challenge Burlington was experiencing and decided to gather a different perspective—this…
— Mark K., Manager, Facilities-Capital Assets
"Wanted to share Adrienne B. has been our tech for over 3 years. Adrienne always makes sure we are taken care of. She explains everything in detail and makes sure we understand what's happening or what steps need to happen next to resolve any issues.…
— Shannon E., Store Manager