Restaurant and Food Service Industry Engineering and Consulting

The restaurant and food service sector is a dynamic industry encompassing a wide range of dining establishments, from small, family-owned eateries to large, high-end restaurants. These types of facilities face many concerns regarding fire, life safety, and security. Telgian Engineering & Consulting, LLC’s (TEC) engineers understand these risks, as well as the pressure restaurant owners and operators face keeping doors open while staying code compliant. TEC provides cost-effective solutions that protect guests, staff, and property. 

Specific Concerns 

Kitchen Fire Hazards 

Open flames, cooking oils, hot stoves, and powerful electrical connections can all cause a fire within a restaurant. Restaurant fires or kitchen hood suppression system discharges could cause loss of life or potentially force the closure of your business.  

Restaurant and Food Service Industry Engineering and Consulting

Patron and Staff Safety 

Restaurant owners need robust fire and security systems to ensure their customers’ and employees’ safety. These types of facilities require the rapid detection and containment of fires as well as a clear path of egress, so occupants have ample time to escape in an emergency. Additionally, staff and customers want to feel safe from security threats and criminal activity in the building, which requires access control, surveillance, and other security systems.   

Code Compliance 

In order to avoid legal and regulatory compliance issues, businesses must adhere to fire codes, safety regulations, and security industry-best standards. This includes fire safety and security inspections, accessibility requirements, and health and safety regulations compliance.  

Relevant Services 

Fire Suppression System Design  

TEC provides design services for a variety of fire suppression systems, including fire sprinkler systems, foam-water suppression systems, low and high-expansion foam systems, and aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) system replacement. Our team will assess the needs of our client and the local regulations to determine which suppression system would be the most effective.   

Jurisdictional & Code Compliance  

TEC’s fire protection consultants specialize in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code, International Building Code (IBC), and International Fire Code (IFC), as well as local jurisdictional requirements. We use this expertise to help our clients comply with all relevant codes and standards. TEC collaborates with authority-having jurisdictions (AHJs) to verify building safety and compliance with fire regulations.   

Restaurant and Food Service Industry Engineering and Consulting  Security System Integration   

TEC can integrate security systems with fire protection and life safety systems for a unified approach to safety and security. Security, life safety, and fire protection systems utilize various methods and protocols to communicate with staff and first responders. Our team of integration experts can unify these systems into a cohesive solution that best serves the needs of the client.  

Video Surveillance    

TEC’s security team specializes in incorporating video surveillance into your facility’s security program. Cameras can provide real-time visual information about movement in your facilities. TEC utilizes sophisticated features, such as object detection and artificial intelligence, to deliver an efficient video management program. We also design our video management systems to allow authorized individuals, such as emergency responders, to view real-time video in order to respond when an incident occurs.  

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