Fire Protection System Commissioning

Telgian Engineering & Consulting’s fire system commissioning services encompass not only fire suppression, detection and notification systems but also security, life safety and passive fire protection systems, as well as their integration with building systems and their occupants.  Life safety system commissioning is the systematic and integrated involvement of fire protection professionals and life safety engineers throughout the planning, design, installation and post-installation phases of each project. 

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Total systems commissioning clearly documents the building owner’s or manager’s needs and provides an organized, systematic, documented approach, verifying quality deliverables. In addition, commissioning verifies and documents systems and equipment performance according to specifications and the needs of the owner or manager.  It also provides for improved training of the personnel who will be conducting regular system maintenance. Finally, commissioning ensures improved documentation of the operation and maintenance requirements for systems and equipment.

System commissioning provides a “Quality Assurance / Quality Control” process throughout each phase of the project. System commissioning begins with a thorough planning phase documentation of the design intent, which occurs long before the design phase begins. It continues with ongoing professional involvement and support throughout the design phase.

Fire Protection Design Phase

  • Due diligence and coordination with code authorities
  • Development of sequence of operations
  • Coordination and inclusion of owner performance requirements
  • Development and continuous review of design drawings
  • Review, evaluation and incorporation of existing, supplementary fire protection systems
  • Development of test criteria that incorporate all required interfaces as well as priorities from all key stakeholders

Fire Protection Construction Phase

  • Site installation reviews to ensure compliance with the established basis of design
  • Work with contractors to ensure submittal success
  • Permit coordination
  • Continuous coordination with Authorities Having Jurisdiction
  • Resolution of site liability issues
  • Complete integrated systems testing

Post-Construction Phase

  • Operational training of building staff on integral fire protection systems
  • Coordination and verification of close out documentation


Telgian Engineering & Consulting’s expert staff draws on a history of effective protection system commissioning. In fact, Telgian played an integral role in the development of ANSI/NFPA 3, Standard for Commissioning of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems to create the commissioning standard.

Fire and Life Safety Systems lie dormant for the vast majority of their life. Professional fire systems are unseen and often under-appreciated. Simply put though, during an emergency, these systems are counted on to spring into action. Telgian’s commissioning process ensures they will do just that.