From standard administration buildings and national park buildings to FAA, military, detention and correction facilities, Telgian has direct experience in a wide range of facilities performing our full suite of fire, security, and life safety services. We have the engineering expertise to perform the design, construction, project management, and commissioning of the fire, security and life safety systems in a variety of occupancies. Our experts and principals hold U.S. Department of Homeland Security CVI certifications, U.S. Department of Defense security clearances and MCTD certifications.

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We understand the necessity and importance of maintaining the highest level of protection for employees and the public. Telgian’s comprehensive fire protection and life safety services help our clients monitor and maintain their facilities year-round.

Diverse Construction Needs

Code consulting to understand geographical variations and requirements and create solutions that pass inspection while reducing costs.

Security Concerns

Risk solutions integrates security concepts with sound engineering principles and best practices to address the unique characteristics of each project.

Bid Requirements

Our in-house expertise provides industry-leading ability to accommodate client needs and specific bid requirements; our commitment to advocacy means your needs are always represented first and foremost.