Industrial and Manufacturing Industry Engineering and Consulting  As a manufacturer, you cannot afford unplanned interruptions to the production process. Our engineers and consultants understand how critical it is to maintain the integrity of the supply chain, and that remains our top priority as we evaluate your fire protection, security, and life safety challenges.

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Telgian will evaluate the entire production cycle from beginning to end, including storage and handling of products, processing methods, equipment requirements, and architectural features of the building that impact the fire protection, security, and life safety for the entire facility.

We partner with our customers to develop innovative solutions that can only come from a team comprised of former fire code officials, professional engineers, construction experts, and highly trained technicians. The variety of perspectives Telgian offers our customers is unmatched in the industry, and we are the only firm with associates from such diverse and expert backgrounds.

Our team has the experience and background to analyze and solve the fire protection, security, and life safety issues within your building. Take comfort in knowing Telgian’s highly qualified experts are ready to help you today.

High Pile Stock Plans/Permits

Full scale fire test management performed during design and engineering phases.

Security Concerns

Risk solutions integrates security concepts with sound engineering principles and best practices to address the unique characteristics of each project.

Commodity Classification/System Design

Engineering and design services provide the most cost-effective solutions to suit facility fire protection and life safety needs.

Protection Criteria

Code consulting and engineering experts mitigate code official concerns and recommend the most efficient solutions.

Remodel/Construction Cost Containment

Managed construction ensures effective engineering and change order management.