Aviation Industry Engineering and Consulting

The landscape of aviation is continually changing. Fire protection, life safety and security engineering and design professionals must keep pace, not only with the evolution of various types of aircraft and engines, but also with emerging technologies and materials. The Telgian Engineering & Consulting team is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of the industry, and understands the unique set of challenges that both commercial and military installations face. Simply put, we are committed to creating the most effective, efficient fire, life safety and security solutions in the aviation industry.

Request for Proposal

Our diverse aviation industry experience includes engineering and design of fire detection systems, fire suppression systems, security systems and protocols, as well as commissioning for the protection of aircraft assets, maintenance hangar structures, airports, training facilities and more. The variety of occupancies, construction types, construction or remodel activity, and future planning that are involved require expert engineers and designers. Telgian’s seasoned team includes fire protection engineers, loss control consultants, security professionals, and system designers who develop the most innovative solutions for both aviation facility design and renovation projects.