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Telgian Management Technologies, LLC (TMT) is the leading supplier of cost-effective software solutions that enhance our customers’ management of the Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) and the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® Security Code (RCSC) compliance regulation requirements as well as compliance best practice work processes. Telgian Compliance Manager (TCM™) is a cloud-based relational database software application designed to track security compliance solutions in a concise and effective platform.

Telgian Compliance Manager

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The Automated Security Compliance Solution

TCM provides consistent, effective, efficient and secure data management in real-time. Our compliance regulation software allows users such as chief security officers, site managers, facilities managers, CEOs and other qualified individuals to manage all of their security protocols in one place and ensure compliance with nationally recognized codes and standards, including RCSC and CFATS.

TCM is a data collection portal, allowing organizations to submit and track forms and reports related to various compliance needs. In addition, TCM adheres to more than 50 global compliance IT standards and includes Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics and distributes denial of services protection against outside threats and suspicious activity.

Proactive Compliance Management

  • Dashboard and Alerts provide managers at all levels of the enterprise with the ability to proactively manage compliance requirement resources, timing, and identification of systemic improvement opportunities.

Effective Demonstration of Compliance

  • The TCM provides a secure centralized repository for compliance activities and documentation. Entered data is available throughout the enterprise in real-time and across geographic space.   All data input into the TCM’s cloud-based platform is associated with the relevant user, as well as, the date and time of entry.  This action provides you with an efficient means to effectively demonstrate both current and historical compliance.

Efficient Compliance Management

  • Optimize your compliance support activities and minimize compliance management costs by reducing personnel hours and effort supporting compliance activity, through:
    • Reduced employee travel time and expense,
    • Reduced hours hosting audit events,
    • Establishment of a data standard across functional alignments,
    • More accurate and available documentation,
    • Elimination of data-entry redundancy

About Telgian Compliance Manager

Data-Centric Approach

  • Cost Savings – Data management centralized, costs attributed to changes are significantly minimized
  • Decreased Risk – Decreased risk of non- compliance due to real time monitoring of compliance actions
  • Data Consistency – Data integrity and consistency
  • Data Quality – Establishment of a data standard across functional alignments
  • Operational Efficiency – Eliminate manual processing of data and increase accountability throughout your organization

The Proactive, Effective, Efficient Compliance Solution

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