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NFPA 3000 Webinar Presented by Telgian’s Tom Parrish

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NFPA 3000 Webinar Presented by Telgian’s Tom ParrishTelgian Vice President Tom Parrish will present a NFPA 3000 webinar on August 20 at 1 PM EST for the Center for Campus Fire Safety. The event, which is open to the public, explores the increasing need for more coordinated response efforts between fire, EMS and police personnel during active shooter events. NFPA 3000: The Standard for an Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response Program is the provisional standard issued in order to guide policy makers, first responders, and facility managers for preparation in the event of an active shooter attack or hostile event.

Parrish’s presentation will also highlight the key elements of a site survey and the major components of a risk assessment. Throughout the session, Parrish will examine some of the essential tools available and will provide a basic framework from which to begin a facility’s emergency plans.

“Many codes and standards require effective risk assessments,” says Parrish. “And, the points and processes described during this NFPA 3000 webinar can also be used to meet the needs of NFPA 72 & 99, as well as other requiring documents.”

NFPA 3000 is beneficial in numerous ways to fire, EMS, police, public health agencies and other municipal departments that may need to respond to catastrophic events. The document opens lines of communications before, during and after events. The result is reduced duplication of effort in chaotic environments. This cohesiveness reduces confusion, makes better use of resources, saves time, and most importantly, helps save precious lives.

According to recent statistics, in the years between 2000 and 2018, the FBI counted 277 active shooter incidents. (Click here for this FBI report on active shooter incidents.) NFPA 3000 details how fire departments, police and EMS agencies can aid in the preparation, response, mitigation and recovery of these active shooter incidents using established systems and practices such as the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS), including Unified Command.

Parrish’s 25+ years of experience in both fire protection and emergency response make him uniquely qualified to present this topic. Currently the Vice President of Telgian Corporation, a worldwide fire, life safety and security firm, he has also held positions with municipal fire, law enforcement and emergency medical services. Parrish is the current Fire Marshal at Putnam Township Fire Department in Pinckney, Michigan.

Committed to positive change within the industry, Parrish also serves on several National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) committees and is the Vice President of the of the Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA).

He is a sought-after speaker, presenting NFPA 3000 to groups across the US, from the Fire Protection and Life Safety Forum in Ohio, to the New York State Fire Marshals and Inspectors Seminar, hosted by New York State Homeland Security and Emergency Services and the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control, to the Automatic Firm Alarm Association (AFAA) of Pennsylvania.

“No community is immune to an active shooter threat,” says Parrish. “In this type of emergency, it’s essential that we expand our traditional response patterns. Emergencies like these can no longer be considered solely “law enforcement” or “fire department” scenes. With events occurring around the globe, it is imperative that all responders, and those who may be needed for support during an incident, are prepared.”

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