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Fire Pump Testing NFPA 25 Requirements webinar

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Fire Pump Testing NFPA 25 Requirements webinarTelgian Engineering & Consulting (TEC) fire protection expert Ralph E. Bless, Jr., PE, CFPS, SET will present a Fire Smarts “Fire Pump Testing NFPA 25 Requirements” webinar on January 25, 2024, from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm ET.

The course will provide an introduction to the basic principles and general requirements for the inspections, testing and maintenance of centrifugal fire pumps based on NFPA 25. The scope of NFPA 25 as it specifically relates to the requirements for fire pumps will also be examined, including a detailed look at the purpose of NFPA 25 as a wear-and-tear document not intended for design evaluation.

In addition, the discussion will cover fire pump testing and inspection activities that are within, and those that are not within, the scope of NFPA 25. Basic definitions will be reviewed, as well as the fire pump related inspection, testing and maintenance (IT&M) responsibilities of building owners, AHJ’s and contractors/inspectors.

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be familiar with basic definitions and their application in required fire pump IT&M activities. Additionally, they will understand the roles and responsibilities of each relevant stakeholder including the building owner, AHJ and contractor/inspector. Attendees will also be able to explain IT&M activities that are within the scope of NFPA 25, and those that are intentionally not, as they relate to fire pumps.

About Ralph E. Bless, Jr., PE, CFPS, SET

Telgian Fire Protection Expert Ralph BlessRalph Bless has 40 years of experience in fire protection including a broad range of water-based and special hazard system design, code consulting and fire protection engineering services. He is licensed as a Professional Engineer in six states, a Certified Fire Protection Specialist, Level IV NICET senior fire sprinkler layout technician and holds four additional NICET certifications, as well as 20 state and local licenses.

Committed to positive change within the industry, he also serves on serves on six NFPA committees including the NFPA 1 Fire Code, NFPA 15 covering Water Spray Systems, and NFPA 915 covering remote inspections. He is the Chair of the Technical Committee for NFPA 232 covering Record Storage and serves on the NFPA 13 Installation Technical Committee and Correlating Committee.

In addition to the Fire Smarts Fire Pump Testing NFPA 25 Requirements webinar, Ralph is a highly sought-after presenter and author, both nationally and internally. Recent examples include:


To learn more and register for the Fire Pump Testing NFPA 25 Requirements webinar please visit Fire Smarts.

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