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Fire Protection for Automated Boat Storage and Retrieval

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Fire Protection for Automated Boat Storage and RetrievalTelgian Engineering & Consulting’s Tracey Bellamy will present a “Protecting Boats without Scuttling the Ship / Dry Stacked Boat Storage” webinar on Wednesday March 17 at the SFPE Atlanta 2021 Conference. Bellamy’s presentation will explore a number of fire protection challenges and their impact on the design of the fire protection systems, the design of the overall structure, and the considerations that need to be given to final extinguishment by the arriving fire department personnel. This session will help engineers, designers, and enforcers better understand the complicated fire protection conditions presented by automated boat storage facilities.

“As with the storage of practically everything these days the storage of boats is moving towards the use of automated storage and retrieval systems for more efficient use of space and convenience of the customers,” says Bellamy. “This emerging technology with increasing storage heights and limited access presents a number of challenges that add to the already complicated task of developing appropriate fire protection designs for such structures.”

As Chief Engineering Officer of Telgian Engineering & Consulting, Bellamy oversees the technical aspects of all engineering activities and establishes standards of performance for the fire protection engineering program. He also performs fire protection and life safety consulting services related to fire and building codes and national fire protection standards.

Bellamy is a consultant for major construction projects and hazardous material storage facilities throughout the United States. He has directed major full-scale fire-test programs aimed at the development of alternative fire protection schemes resulting in client savings of over $1B.

In addition, he has provided technical support to facilities in response to Department of Energy (DOE) audits and reviews for new facilities and modification plans and specifications for compliance with applicable DOE requirements. Bellamy has extensive experience in assessing existing facilities for compliance with highly protected and improved risk criteria and code requirements.

As a veteran instructor and speaker, Bellamy offers more than 30 years of experience in the fire protection industry as a Fire Protection Engineer, Certified Fire Protection Specialist, and Certified Water-Based System Professional. His extensive background includes not only fire suppression system design, but also fire hazard analysis, fire safety systems testing and inspection. In addition, Bellamy is a licensed Professional Engineer (49 US states, DC and Guam).

A recognized leader in the fire protection industry, Bellamy serves on several National Fire Protection (NFPA) technical and correlating committees. These include NFPA 11, 13, 15, 16, 25, 30, 30B, 101 and 5000 (building code). In addition to his NFPA membership, he is also a member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE).  

Learn more and register at for the Fire Protection for Automated Boat Storage and Retrieval webinar at SFPE Atlanta.

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Leading the industry since 1985, Telgian is trusted by businesses around the globe as a single-source solution for fire protection, security and life safety services.

This full-service global engineering and risk mitigation consulting firm specializes in complex, multi-discipline public and private sector projects. TEC provides professional services related to the protection of people, property, information, and organizational mission against preventable losses. These include strategic/enterprise risk management, fire protection engineering, industrial security, environmental health and safety, emergency management, operations continuity consulting, and construction administration services.

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