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Fire Extinguisher Training: Telgian’s Fire Prevention Week

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Fire Extinguisher Training: Telgian's Fire Prevention Week October 7th – 13th is Fire Prevention Week, and to mark the occasion, Telgian hosted an NFPA 10 fire extinguisher training seminar for the Phoenix office employees. This training included a video, as well as hands-on use of extinguisher training equipment.

Vice President Tom Parrish, who manages the company’s internal security and life safety programs, led the training. Parrish has over 25 years of experience in fire protection and emergency response. He has held positions with municipal fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical services, as well as in private sector systems design and installation programs. He maintains an active commitment to the profession as an on-call firefighter and is certified in firefighting, emergency medical treatment, weapons of mass destruction, hazardous materials response, and dive operations.

Fire Extinguisher Training: Telgian's Fire Prevention Week

Led by Telgian VP Tom Parrish, Noolan Wooley learns more about NFPA 10 standards at the Fire Prevention Week fire extinguisher training seminar.

Fire Prevention Week is observed each year during the week of October 9th in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire, which began on October 8, 1871, resulting in the city’s devastation. This tragedy killed almost 300 people, left 100,000 more homeless, and destroyed more than 17,400 structures across 2,000 acres of land.

“Today, modern technology makes a fire such as the Great Chicago Fire almost unthinkable,” says Parrish. “However, everyone needs to remain vigilant, which is why fire extinguisher training is so important.”

To learn more about Fire Prevention Week, visit NFPA. Click to learn more about NFPA 10.

Fire Extinguisher Training: Telgian's Fire Prevention Week

Leticia Martinez receives her certificate for successful completion of the fire extinguisher training.

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