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Exploring Biometrics in Healthcare: Benefits and Drawbacks

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In the just-published article “Exploring Biometrics in Healthcare: Benefits and Drawbacks” for IAHSS Journal of Healthcare Protection Management, Telgian Engineering & Consulting, LLC (TEC) security expert Lauris Freidenfelds recently shared the pros and cons of biometrics, long considered an important aspect of the “gold standard” of identity management.

A nationally recognized safety, security, and emergency expert, Freidenfelds is the Vice President of Security Risk Consulting of TEC. With over 40 years of experience, his expertise encompasses operational security, technology and emergency management programs. Additionally, he has extensive knowledge of emergency management personnel and operations including planning, organizing, and directing security programs and activities, as well as the development and coordination of disaster preparedness plans, and the mitigation of, preparation for, and recovery from hazards and disasters. 

In “Exploring Biometrics in Healthcare: Benefits and Drawbacks,” Freidenfelds explores the history of biometric authentication as a controversial identity factor, the risks and ethical concerns involved while utilizing the technologies, and the balance between biometrics and privacy. In addition, Freidenfelds weighs in on specific biometrics applications, from fingerprint, to eye, to facial recognition, as well as others.  

Lauris Freidenfelds“Biometric authentication, if understood and used properly, can be a powerful tool,” explains Freidenfelds. “Institutions should review state statutes on the use of biometrics, and understand that biometrics are probabilistic, not exact. Biometric system designs must address risks and concerns with privacy and the possibility that others will try to gain access to biometric data for nefarious use. Security technology must always keep evolving to stay one step ahead of those with nefarious intent.”

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