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How Security Controls Help Implement a Corporate Security Policy

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How Do Security Controls Help Implement a Corporate Security Policy?Telgian Engineering & Consulting, LLC (TEC) security expert Lauris Freidenfelds recently explored essential elements of an effective corporate security policy in the just-published article “How Do Security Controls Help Implement a Corporate Security Policy?” for Medical Construction and Design magazine.

A nationally recognized security expert, Freidenfelds focuses on safety, security and emergency management for a variety of clients. His 40+ years of experience include operational security, technology and emergency management programs. And, his extensive knowledge of emergency management personnel and operations encompasses planning, organizing, and directing security programs and activities, as well as development and coordination of disaster preparedness plans, the mitigation of, preparation for, and recovery from hazards and disasters.

Nationally recognized for his industry expertise, he also has provided security consulting for some of the country’s most recognizable facilities, from the Mayo Foundation, to Memorial Hermann Hospitals, to University of Chicago Hospitals and US Veteran’s Administration Hospitals, plus more.

“As security professionals know, providing a safe and secure environment for the people and assets under their protection can be challenging and requires both policies and operations that are supported by technology or controls, integrated with architectural concepts,” explains Freidenfelds.

He continues, “When looking at creating and designing a safe environment, the application of controls and policies should be based on a risk or threat assessment. Each environment has different needs and risks. The desired objective of a security program is the application of the correct controls to support the policies that provide a safe environment, at a level appropriate to the level of threat or risk.”

In the article, Freidenfelds goes on to explore policies, prevention and mitigation strategies – from risk identification through policy development, to technology selection and staffing.

Click to read “How Do Security Controls Help Implement a Corporate Security Policy?” at Medical Construction and Design magazine in its entirety.  

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