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How Healthcare Organizations Can Prepare for Events that Require Evacuations

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How Healthcare Organizations Can Prepare for Events that Require EvacuationsTelgian Engineering & Consulting’s Senior Project Manager Lauris Freidenfelds and Assistant Regional Practice Leader Pamela Reno recently shared their decades of combined fire safety and security knowledge in the article, “Preparing For Events That Could Require Evacuations” for the Journal of Healthcare Protection Management. The Journal is the official publication of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS), a leading professional association with more than 2,000 healthcare security, law enforcement, safety and emergency management experts. 

In the article, Freidenfelds and Reno explore various scenarios where evacuation of a healthcare facility may be necessary. Evacuation, according to Freidenfelds, “…is the last resort, the nuclear option when all other efforts have been exhausted. It is the option that risks putting lives in danger. It is the option that means abandoning the facility that normally represents a safe haven.”

However, it is imperative that healthcare facilities be fully prepared in case of wildfires, hurricanes, tornados and other disasters. Planning which includes an all-hazards analysis ensures that facilities have the resources necessary until help from FEMA arrives.

Freidenfelds and Reno go on to discuss assessment, essential resources, and working with the Environment of Care Committee, as well as what occurs when evacuation is the only option.  

To read the article in its entirety, click Preparing for Events that Could Require Evacuations. Click to learn more about IAHSS.

About the Authors

Lauris Freidenfelds, Telgian Engineering & Consulting, LLCFreidenfelds is Senior Project Manager for Telgian Engineering & Consulting, where he is responsible for the management of complex projects focusing on security and emergency management. He is also a former Director of Security and Emergency Preparedness for a major metropolitan healthcare system. His 40-plus years of experience have given him extensive knowledge of operational security, technology, and emergency management programs.   

Pamela Reno is Senior Fire Protection Consultant for Telgian Engineering & Consulting. She facilitates process development, documentation, and technical leadership and administers training to ensure company and regulatory policies are met. She also oversees fire and life safety components of planning and design. She has developed new passive life safety and fire protection design standards for hospitals, family health centers and ambulatory surgical centers, as well as regional practice sites.  

About Telgian Engineering & Consulting, LLC (TEC)

Pamela Reno, Telgian Engineering & Consulting, LLCTelgian Engineering & Consulting, LLC (TEC) is a full-service global engineering and risk mitigation consulting firm specializing in complex, multi-discipline public and private sector projects. We provide professional services related to the protection of people, property, information and organizational mission against preventable losses.

TEC is a provider of strategic/enterprise risk management, security risk consulting, fire protection engineering, environmental health and safety, emergency management, operations continuity consulting and construction administration services.

Our professionals are dedicated to delivering value through effective protection solutions that meet today’s risk challenges. In addition to a uniquely global perspective, we also provide in-depth knowledge of local, state and federal compliance matters.

 Since 1985, TEC has worked hand-in-hand with clients such as architects, engineers, owners, developers, risk and facility management firms, construction teams and government agencies. We serve industry sectors that include healthcare, government, commercial, education, hospitality, industrial and transportation throughout the US and abroad.

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