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How to Build a Security Road Map that is Flexible, Scalable and Includes Future-Thinking

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How to Build a Security Road Map that is Flexible, Scalable and Includes Future-Thinking On Tuesday November 9, Telgian Engineering & Consulting’s Security Risk Consulting Senior Project Manager Lauris Freidenfelds will present the workshop, “How to Build a Security Road Map that is Flexible, Scalable and Includes Future-Thinking” at the 2021 IAHSS Annual Conference and Exhibition. The seminar, presented in conjunction with Michael Ramstack of Froedtert Hospital will be held from 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. (ET) and is one of the many informative Breakout Sessions available at the IAHSS event.

According to Freidenfelds, “No security plan is foolproof, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that you have to be able to pivot, be flexible and prepare for the unknown. Much like the aviation industry after September 11th, the healthcare industry is having to consider new precautions and stretch policies and procedures, to not only accommodate for the unknown, but also ensure that they can protect the bottom line.”

As the former Director of Security and Emergency Preparedness for a major metropolitan healthcare system, Freidenfelds is uniquely qualified to present “How to Build a Security Road Map that is Flexible, Scalable and Includes Future-Thinking.” His 40-plus years of experience have given him extensive knowledge of operational security, technology, and emergency management programs.  And, as Senior Project Manager for Telgian Engineering & Consulting, Freidenfelds he is responsible for the management of complex projects focusing on security and emergency management.

The presentation will explore crucial questions for healthcare administrators, facilities managers and professionals such as, when building out your security road map, what should you consider for the next six months, a year… five years? Do you have a plan in place that would help you to overcome the financial hit that the pandemic has caused? With new security concerns how will you provision access for visitors and contractors? Can you provide peace of mind to doctors and patients alike that they can safely re-enter hospitals?  

Lauris Freidenfelds, Telgian Engineering & ConsultingAttendees will gain an understanding of how to build a security road map that is both flexible and includes technologies that keep patients, employees, and visitors safe. This plan is essential and protects the organization’s reputation, as well as its bottom line.

The 2021 IAHSS Annual Conference and Exhibition will be held from November 8 – 10, 2021 at the Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Online registration is available until November 6. In addition to a live event, virtual attendees will have access to select live keynote sessions, select live breakout sessions, exhibitor presentations, virtual exhibit floor, and networking.

To see the entire schedule and register for the event, please visit the 2021 IAHSS Annual Conference and Exhibition.

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