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Fire Safety Considerations for Facilities

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Fire Safety Considerations for Facilities article authored by Telgian's Pamela Reno

Telgian Fire Protection Consultant Pamela Reno recently authored an article entitled Fire Safety Considerations for Facilities for Facility Safety Management. The article discuss the need for fire safety preparedness for commercial facilities due to constant changes in their infrastructure. Without having fire safety practices in place, facilities can become vulnerable to breaches in fire and smoke barriers resulting in devastating financial and physical loss.

About Pamela Reno

Pamela Reno has more than 13 years of experience in fire prevention, fire protection and life safety engineering. As Senior Fire Protection Consultant for Telgian Engineering & Consulting, Reno facilitates process development, documentation, technical leadership, and administers training to ensure company and regulatory policies are met. She also oversees fire and life safety components of planning and design including resolving issues during construction and ensuring codes, plans, and standards are in compliance. In addition, she has developed new passive life safety and fire protection design standards for hospitals, family health centers, ambulatory surgical centers, and regional practice sites. 

Further, Reno has developed fire plans, which included roles and responsibilities of employees during a fire emergency; how to use fire alarms and fire extinguishers; how to contain fire and smoke; and evacuation procedures. Additionally, she has designed fire evacuation signs, ensured fire evacuation plans were up-to-date and current, trained operating room (OR) staff on fire safety in the OR, and conducted fire drills.

Reno also plays an integral role in fire protection industry codes and standards development.

To read Fire Safety Considerations for Facilities in its entirety, please visit Facility Safety Management magazine. 

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