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Winterization for Retail Stores features Telgian’s Bob Caputo

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Winterization for Retail Stores in Retail Store Maintenance magazine feature's Telgian's Bob Caputo

Bob Caputo, Telgian’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, was recently interviewed by Retail Store Maintenance magazine for the July/August 2016 issue. In this article, Mr. Caputo shares the importance of proper planning for Winterization for Retail Stores, to ensure customer and employee safety and maximum energy efficiency.

Caputo suggests weekly maintenance on dry-pipe systems, especially areas subject to freezing, such as entry vestibules and loading docks. “In these systems,” he explained, “there is compressed air keeping the valve closed instead of water…. Condensation occurs within these systems because the compressor pumps hot air into the cold pipe, and there are drains for the condensation.”

In addition to the periodic inspections, additional attention is required to remove any water in the system that may potentially freeze. This additional water is typically due to condensation and draining of the water within the system. When this trapped water freezes within the sprinkler system, the result is often costly due to damaged pipe and/or property. To facilitate draining water out of dry sprinkler systems, most of these systems have drains called drum drips (also referred to as “auxiliary drains”, “drip legs” or “condensate drains”). (For a step by step guide to drum drip draining, please visit Telgian’s Dry Fire Sprinkler System Winterization Guide.)

Click Cold Comfort to read the Winterization for Retail Stores article in its entirety.

Winterization for Retail Stores in Retail Store Maintenance magazine feature's Telgian's Bob CaputoRetail Store Maintenance is the official publication of the Professional Retail Store Maintenance® Association (PRSM). PRSM is the nation’s authority on retail and multi-site facilities management, as well as the leading membership organization for retail facilities and vendor professionals. Chartered in 1995, with approximately 950 member companies, PRSM helps members achieve greater success and a competitive advantage through quality programs and resources. Visit PRSM for more information.

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