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Video Surveillance Verification for Fire Safety

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Video Surveillance Verification for Fire SafetyIn a recent article for A&S magazine, author Prasanth Aby Thomas explores, “How important is video surveillance camera-based verification for fire safety?” For the piece, fire protection industry experts, such as Telgian Engineering & Consulting’s Cristina Aragon Vandenbent, weighed in on how, during a fire, video surveillance camera-based verification helps relay crucial information to first responders. This includes information such as a fire’s size, as well as its exact location. The article also examines regulatory approval regarding video surveillance verification for fire safety.

“From a life-safety standpoint, video verification can be implemented to monitor a fire event,” says Aragon-Vandenbent, Fire Protection Consultant at Telgian Engineering & Consulting. “The personnel at the monitoring station can “see” the fire and be able to relay information to the first responders so they can respond accordingly.”

An expert Fire Protection Consultant, Aragon-Vandenbent has more than 15 years of experience in fire alarm design and holds a NICET Level IV certification. Her diverse background includes low-voltage systems, which affords her a solid foundation in fire alarm designs, project management, and system programming.

Aragon-Vandenbent specializes in fire protection consulting for government facilities, laboratories, oil and gas industry sites, and manufacturing facilities. She has consulted for this diverse range of companies and organization at facilities throughout the United States and in Latin America.

Visit A&S Magazine to read “How important is video surveillance camera-based verification for fire safety?” in its entirety.

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