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UL Fire Council Appoints Telgian’s Leonard Ramo

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UL Fire Council Appoints Telgian’s Leonard RamoTelgian Engineering & Consulting President and fire protection expert Leonard Ramo was recently invited to join the Fire Council of UL for a three-year term.  The Fire Council is one of nine councils whose esteemed members provide support to UL by sharing practical experience on a wide range of engineering and safety topics.

The Fire Council selects members based on their fire protection industry expertise, integrity and a proven commitment to furthering public safety. Council members include academic experts, building officials, federal government agencies, fire service members, independent fire safety experts and representatives from the insurance industry, all of whom share a collective goal to identify safety challenges arising from new products and innovative technology.

For over 100 years, the Fire Council has provided vital insight and advice on building designs and materials, as well as safety performance requirements for fire suppression, passive fire test methods, and alarm and detection equipment.  As a member, Ramo will be instrumental in the development of effective programs, which address fire safety needs throughout the US and abroad.

In addition, Fire Council members work towards the establishment of requirements regarding the installation of products and materials, components and systems, interpretation and development of standards, and suitability of test methods, as well as regulatory needs and acceptance. Members also provide insight to UL on safety requirements and research related to fire resistant building designs, the flame and smoke characteristics of building materials and a variety of fire suppression equipment and fire safety products.

“It’s an honor to be selected as a member of the Fire Council,” says Ramo. “Together, the Council will continue to develop crucial safety solutions as new products and technologies emerge and the impact of this work we do will have a positive effect around the globe.”

As a Fire Council member, Ramo brings significant industry experience to the table. His career spans more than twenty five years as a practicing fire protection engineer, consultant, and executive. Currently, Ramo is President of Telgian Engineering & Consulting, a full-service global engineering and risk mitigation consultancy specializing in complex, multi-discipline public and private sector projects.

Professional accreditations include registration as a Professional Engineer (PE) in all fifty U.S. States, District of Columbia, and select Territories, as well as a P. Eng. in select Canadian Provinces. In addition, Ramo is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) and holds a U.S. Department of Homeland Security CVI certification.

As a globally recognized industry professional, he plays an integral role in international codes and standards development by serving on select National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) committees. He is also a member of Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) and on both the SFPE Standards Making Committee on Performance-Based Fire Safety Design and the SFPE Committee on Outreach and Advocacy (COA). Ramo is the past president of the Central Gulf Coast Chapter of SPFE, as well, and a member of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME).

Visit UL to learn more about the UL Fire Council, or any of its other Advisory Councils including Electrical Council, Field Advisory Council, Security Council, Consumer Advisory Council, Energy Council, and Health Sciences Council.

To learn how Telgian Engineering & Consulting is meeting today’s global risk challenges through strategic / enterprise risk management, fire protection engineering, security solutions, environmental health and safety, emergency management and operations continuity consulting, and construction administration services, visit Telgian Engineering & Consulting.

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