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Telgian’s Fire Protection Industry Experts to Lead Informative Workshops at the 2022 NFPA EXPO, Boston

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Telgian’s Fire Protection Industry Experts to Lead Informative Workshops at the 2022 National Fire Protection Association Conference and ExpoThree members of the Telgian executive team will lead workshops at the 2022 National Fire Protection Association Conference in Boston, MA June 6-9.

Executive Chairman, Russell Leavitt, Chief Engineering Officer, Tracey Bellamy and Vice President Tom Parrish, will each share their fire industry expertise through workshops and a panel discussion listed below.

In addition to the NFPA Conference workshops, conference attendees can visit the Telgian exhibit (BOOTH #753) at the NFPA Expo, where the team on-site can answer fire protection engineering, life safety and security questions.

T11 Hazard and Commodity Classification in Sprinkler System Design—Why and How

Speaker:            Tracey Bellamy, Chief Engineering Officer, Telgian Engineering & Consulting

Date:                Tuesday, June 7th

Time:               9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Location:          Boston Convention & Exhibition Center – 157 ABC

Topic:               Learn the importance of determining the appropriate hazard classification and commodity classification/storage method for stored materials when designing a sprinkler system. This critical step in the design process is often misunderstood and misapplied, which can result in over- and under-designed systems. Attendees will also review the definitions for hazard and commodity classification and how best to apply them, as well as their limitations. A variety of examples will be provided to illustrate the process of classification, including the use of intermediate-scale testing.

T12 Maintaining Fire Alarm Systems in a COVID World

Speaker:           Tom Parrish, Vice President, Telgian Fire Safety

Date:                Tuesday, June 7th

Time:               9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Location:          Boston Convention and Exhibition Center – 151AB

Topic:               COVID-19 has made fire alarm system compliance more complicated. In this session, attendees will learn several methods for maintaining fire alarm systems in accordance with NFPA 72®, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code®, while also addressing the new facility requirements necessitated by COVID-19. Attendees will also learn about different options for conducting inspections and tests in this environment.

T49 – Engage to Advance: Recognizing the Opportunities

Panelist:            Russell Leavitt, Executive Chairman, Telgian Holdings, Inc.

Date:                Tuesday, June 7th

Time:               3:15 PM – 4:15 PM

Location:          Boston Convention and Exhibition Center- 153ABC

Topic:               In this panel discussion, attendees will learn how five fire and life safety professionals have advanced in their careers and developed professional skills via their active involvement with NFPA. The presenters, who have experience ranging from serving on technical committees to working with the Fire Protection Research Foundation, will share their stories to show attendees how NFPA membership and participation can enhance their careers.

To learn more about these presentations and other conference events, please visit NFPA.

About Telgian Holdings, Inc.

Telgian has been keeping people and facilities safe from fire and other disasters since 1985.  Telgian is trusted around the globe as a single-source solution for fire protection, life safety and security services. Partnering with clients across a wide variety of industries, Telgian provides innovative solutions that reduce exposure to loss from fire and other disasters. Staffed with some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry, Telgian offers C-suite risk management guidance and can take a building project from site evaluation through design, to engineering and construction, as well as perform ongoing inspections and maintenance for the life of a facility. This results in productive, profitable environments that keep facilities of all types safe and compliant.

The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with regional offices across the nation and Latin America. This national and international coverage ensures that stakeholders with multiple locations across diverse areas can be assured of consistency and an exceptional level of safety protection for all of their buildings. The company services approximately 50,000 locations annually.   

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