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Use of surveillance cameras in Jussie Smolett case explained

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Telgian’s Bill Sako provides expert insight into the use of surveillance camerasWilliam Sako, Vice President, Security Risk Consulting at Telgian Engineering & Consulting, recently shared his vast knowledge of the security industry with  John Pletz of Craig’s Chicago Business for an article outlining the number and use of surveillance cameras in the Jussie Smollett case. Crain’s Chicago Business is Chicago’s premiere business media source and is owned by Detroit-based Crain Communications.

Sako’s expertise, which includes more than 45 years of experience in the security field, provided a unique perspective for the article, “Business gives police a gander: Video from privately owned cameras helped crack Smollett case.” The piece explained the use of both public and privately owned surveillance cameras and how they are helping police solves crimes more quickly. According to author John Pletz, “For years, the Chicago Police Department and the city’s Office of Emergency Management & Communications have been quietly enlisting private building owners to build out an extensive video-surveillance network beyond the tens of thousands of cameras the city itself put up. The agreements give CPD real-time access to private cameras during emergencies upon request.”

Sako says that a typical high-rise now has 300 to 400 cameras — a number which is up from 30 or 40 a mere decade ago. And, this number does not including cameras installed by retailers and other tenants. This growth can be attributed to a proliferation of inexpensive, web-connected cameras now available.

To read the article in its entirety, please visit Crain’s Chicago Business.

Telgian’s Bill Sako provides expert insight into the use of surveillance camerasAbout Telgian Engineering & Consulting

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