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Full-scale fire tests completed by Telgian Engineering

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Full-scale fire tests completed by Telgian EngineeringThis week, Telgian and UL completed another series of full-scale fire tests, providing vital solutions for a valued client.  Our testing examined a commodity with relatively little previous testing completed on a product classified as one of the most difficult to protect in a storage or display arrangement (expanded exposed plastic stored without flue spaces in a rack configuration).  Through a comprehensive test program including bench scale tests, intermediate scale testing, and multiple full-scale fire tests, Telgian has again delivered answers to our clients’ most pressing fire protection questions.

Fire protection engineering is a highly specialized field that involves not only an intimate understanding of combustion and its effect on the built environment, but also its potentially harmful effect on human lives. Telgian Engineering & Consulting is committed to advancing this science with fire protection engineering, design and consulting solutions that focus on our clients’ unique challenges. These include equivalent performance-based approaches where prescriptive code compliance is not feasible due to process requirements, historic fabric, or existing conditions. 

Services offered range from Due Diligence, including Facility Assessments, Surveys and Analysis, Building and Fire Code Compliance and Gap Analysis, Life Safety Inspections, Fire Flow Analysis and more, to Consulting including Alternative Methods and Means, High Piled Storage Consulting, Regulatory Compliance and more, to Design and Engineering of Fire Protection System Design, Acquisition, Testing and Commissioning, Fire Suppression Design, Fire Alarm Design, Mass Notification Design and more.

To see a complete list of the many fire protection engineering services available, please visit Fire Protection Engineering. Additional services, such as strategic/enterprise risk management, fire protection engineering, industrial security, environmental health and safety, emergency management, operations continuity consulting, and construction administration services can be found at Telgian Engineering & Consulting.

If you have similar fire protection challenges or require full scale fire tests, talk to the industry leaders at Telgian Engineering & Consulting at +1 302-300-1400 to learn more.

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