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Telgian CEO James Tomes tapped for Arizona Sustainability Alliance Board of Directors

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Telgian CEO James W. Tomes tapped for Arizona Sustainability Alliance Board of DirectorsJames W. Tomes, President and CEO of Telgian Holdings, Inc., was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the Arizona Sustainability Alliance (AZSA). The AZSA, a nonprofit action and advocacy alliance, creates and supports cutting-edge, project-based sustainability solutions throughout Arizona.  Through civic engagement, collaboration and education, the AZSA empowers Arizona citizens to work together toward more sustainable communities.   

“It is an honor to be appointed to serve on the Arizona Sustainability Alliance Board of Directors,” says Tomes. “I look forward to contributing to the organization’s continued success, improving the lives of Arizonans, as well as the protection of the state’s natural resources.”

As President and CEO of Telgian Holdings, Inc., Tomes is responsible for the fire protection, life safety, and security company’s overall operational and financial success. In addition to his new appointment to the Arizona Sustainability Alliance Board of Directors, Tomes is active in an advisory capacity for numerous other organizations including the Greater Phoenix Chamber, Arizona Bank & Trust, San Diego Military Advisory Council, San Diego Naval Medical Center Surf Clinic, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Advisory Board.  

“Giving back, beyond just financial support, is a cornerstone of the Telgian company culture,” explains Tomes. “Especially important are organizations which benefit the local community such as the AZSA. By focusing on conservation, renewable energy, sustainable food systems and urban forestry, the AZSA has made countless positive strides across the state.”

Since 2017, conservation efforts by the organization include work to maintain clean and beautiful parks, as well as valuable outdoor spaces for native plants and animals. Renewable energy initiatives and the successful applications of renewable energy support the well-being of those living within the community. Sustainable food systems efforts include creating and supporting regenerative local food systems through community engagement, education and project-based assistance, empowering low-income communities and creating equitable, affordable food access throughout the state. And, urban forestry projects educate the public on the benefits such as carbon capture, decreasing the heat island effect, and cleaning the air.

“Telgian employees have already committed volunteer hours to some of these important initiatives such as the Beat the Heat tree planting project. By promoting sustainable communities and opportunities throughout Arizona, we can continue the organization’s history of success.”

For additional information about the Arizona Sustainability Alliance, please visit the ASZA website

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