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Telgian CEO James Tomes Featured in AZRE Magazine

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Telgian CEO James Tomes Featured in AZRE MagazineJames Tomes, Telgian Holdings, Inc. President and CEO, recently sat down with Arizona Real Estate (AZRE) magazine to look at what’s ahead this year for the fire, life safety and security industry leader as the company celebrates its 35th anniversary in business.

In addition, he offered his thoughts on the unique challenges facing Arizona businesses of all types in 2021 and how they can continue to successfully adapt to the changes wrought by COVID-19.

“Good planning contemplates recovery of facilities and redundancy in supply chains,” explains Tomes. He continues, “What is new about COVID is the cultural impact on an organization. What does it mean to lead and motivate your people when they no longer have the social connection of seeing each other daily in person? When your team is meeting virtually, it is difficult to feel that team culture that is integral to the well-being of our associates. I think that will be the biggest challenge for companies in 2021. Each company has its own unique culture, and leadership needs to figure out how to regain it once people return or, alternatively, create a new culture with either a flex or remote workforce.”

To read the interview with James Tomes in its entirety, please visit Arizona Real Estate magazine (AZRE).

About Telgian Holdings, Inc.

Leading the industry since 1985, Telgian is trusted by businesses around the globe as a single-source solution for fire protection, security and life safety services, keeping facilities safe, compliant and on budget. Telgian experts can take a building project from site evaluation through design, to engineering and construction, plus perform ongoing maintenance for the life of a facility. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with regional offices across the nation, in Canada and Latin America. 

For media interviews with James Tomes, or for additional information about the 35th Telgian Anniversary, please contact:

Ms. Susan McNeill, Corporate Communications Manager

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