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Sensory Overload and Life Safety: NFPA Journal

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Sensory Overload and Life Safety: NFPA JournalTelgian expert Warren Burns, Regional Practice Leader of Fire Protection Engineering, recently authored the article Sensory Overload in the NFPA Journal about new technologies that can pose a threat, during an event such as a concert, to audience safety. These include increasingly brighter and louder performance design, which defeat audible and visual notification of the audience. In addition, emerging technologies appear to be headed in the same direction. Drawing today’s crowd to a live event requires ever-expanding technology, not all of which is conducive to audience safety.

Burns says, “for those of us in the fire and life safety industry—fire protection engineers, fire code officials, fire protection designers, and other fire and life safety professionals—the challenge of working with production and performance companies to ensure the safety of assembly structures is always top of mind. When it comes to deciding which safety measures to incorporate in a performance setting, how much risk are you willing to accept?”

According to Burn, “It is up to us, the Fire and Life Safety professionals, to impress upon the production and performing staff that incorporating safety into their performance is not only required, but can actually add to the event’s attraction. Loud, bright and safe to not need to be mutually exclusive.”

To read Sensory Overload in its entirety, please visit the NFPA Journal.   

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