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Free Webinar: How to Prepare for a Successful Security Compliance Audit

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Free Webinar: How to Prepare for a Successful Security Compliance AuditIs your facility “Inspection Ready?” If you’re not sure, the Telgian Management Technology’s free webinar, “How to Prepare for a Successful Security Compliance Audit,” can help. This webinar, provided by Telgian’s security compliance experts including Ronald Razzolini, Rick Jackson and Ashley Reiter, will be held on September 4, 2019 at 10:00 – 11:45 AM EDT.

During the webinar, attendees will learn that passing a security inspection, or audit, can be an easy and straightforward process for most chemical companies, manufacturers and plants, when it’s handled in an organized manner.

Step-by-step instructions will cover the process from beginning to end. During the webinar, the inspection / systems audit process will be broken down into five distinct components.

     1) Before the Inspection

     2) Opening Meeting

     3) Site Walk-Through

     4) Document Review and Interview

     5) Closing Meeting

To register for the “How to Prepare for a Successful Security Compliance Audit” click here.

Additional Security Compliance Audit Learning Opportunities

Telgian Management Technologies (TMT) recently announced that it will host a Security Compliance Webinar Series designed to enhance the performance of security compliance programs within the chemical industry. These free webinars are available to chemical industry security professionals, facilities managers, and site directors, and will cover a wide variety of topics. A sampling of upcoming webinars includes:

To register for any of the 2019 free webinars, simply click on a title, above. For additional information about Telgian Management Technologies or the company’s compliance software solutions for the chemical industry’s RCSC or CFATS regulations, please visit

About Telgian Management Technologies and the Telgian Compliance Manager

Telgian Management Technologies (TMT) is a leading supplier of cost-effective software solutions that enhance our customers’ management of CFATS and RCSC compliance regulation requirements and compliance best practice work processes. TMT’s Telgian Compliance Manager (TCM™) is a cloud-based relational database software application designed to track security compliance solutions.

TCM provides consistent, effective, efficient and secure data management in real-time. This allows users to manage all of their security protocols in one place and ensures compliance with nationally recognized codes and standards including the Responsible Care® Security Code (RCSC) and Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS).

TCM is a data collection portal, allowing organizations to submit and track forms and reports related to various compliance needs. In addition, TCM adheres to more than 50 global compliance IT standards. It also includes Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics and distributed denial of services protection against outside threats and suspicious activity.

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