Telgian Risk Solutions is a full service global engineering and risk consultancy specializing in complex, multi-discipline public and private sector projects.  We provide professional services related to the protection of people, property, information and organizational mission against preventable losses.  Our services are specific to the areas of security, risk analysis, life safety, emergency management and operations continuity.


Telgian integrates security concepts with sound engineering principles and best practices to address the unique characteristics of each project. Telgian has the resources and expertise to help formulate a comprehensive asset protection plan for public and private sector businesses including planning, training and implementation.

We Provide the Following Security Services:

  •  Vulnerability Assessments
  •  Countermeasure Techniques, Mitigation Strategies and Response Solutions
  •  Infrastructure Security
  •  Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)
  •  Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI)
  •  Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA)
  •  Rail Transportation Security Rule (RTSR)
  •  Third Party Regulatory Conformity Assessment –SafePlace® SecureChem™ Certification
  •  Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  •  Protection Systems Design, Acquisition, Commissioning, Testing and Management
  •  Workplace Violence and Threat Management
  •  Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP)
  •  Information Security and Cyber strategies
  •  Security strategies, policies, practices,  procedures and global Critical Operating Tasks

Risk Analysis

Telgian helps clients define and analyze risk using a wide range of tools derived from law enforcement, military and engineering disciplines. Telgian’ s unique risk analysis methodologies help assess estimated relative risk levels that provide valuable input to the development of effective countermeasures and benchmarks for determining the potential for improvement in risk reduction efforts.

We Provide the Following Risk Analysis Services:

  •  Risk Assessments and Risk Modeling
  •  Event Scenario Modeling and Analysis
  •  Threat Assessments and Impact Analysis
  •  Application of Probabilistic Methods
  •  Reliability-Based Design
  •  Integrated Enterprise Risk Management Solutions
  •  Investment Analysis and ROI Appraisal
  •  Organizational Risk Profiling
  •  Acquisition/Real Estate Due Diligence Assessments
  •  Site/Organizational Security Assessments

Emergency Management & Operations Continuity

Telgian’s all hazards approach to emergency preparedness includes emergency management programs that reduce vulnerability, deter threats and minimize the consequences of catastrophic events and other incidents. Maintaining business resiliency through proper emergency management planning is critical to stakeholders, customers, employees, and supply chains.

We Provide the Following Emergency Management and Operations Continuity Services:

  •  Mass Notification System Design, Acquisition, Commissioning, Testing and Management
  •  Emergency Preparedness/Crisis Management
  •  Continuity of Operations Planning
  •  Incident/Disaster Management
  •  Incident Planning, Prevention, Mitigation and Management
  •  Resource Management and Logistics
  •  Crisis Communication
  •  Laws and Authorities Compliance and Gap Analysis
  •  Hazard Identification, Risk Assessments and Impact Analysis

Life Safety

Anticipating and measuring hazards to life and developing and implementing hazard control programs are among the most challenging issues organizations face today. Telgian provides comprehensive planning and program development to safeguard employees/visitors as well as implementation of process safety initiatives.

We Provide the Following Life Safety Services:

  •  Plan/Program Development
  •  Life Safety System Design, Acquisition, Commissioning, Testing and Management
  •  Process Safety
  •  Emergency Evacuation Planning
  •  Regulatory Compliance and Gap Analysis
  •  Compliance Audits
  •  Environmental Protection
  •  Injury Prevention/Fall Safety