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Risk Management Best Practices for the Multifamily Housing Industry

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The Apartment Academy podcast is focused on providing important content for multifamily housing operations teams including Community Managers, Leasing Agents, Service Managers, and Regional Managers. The show features practical operational advice for owners and investors seeking to understand how to maximize profits through effective operations. Recently, Telgian’s Russ Leavitt joined the podcast to discuss “Risk Management Best Practices for the MultiFamily Housing Industry.”

Leavitt is uniquely qualified to present on this topic, not only as the Executive Chairman of fire protection industry leader Telgian, but as the Chair of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). He is a Level IV NICET certified technician and Certified Fire Protection Specialist who holds fire protection contracting licenses in multiple states and has more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

During the podcast, Leavitt explained that the number one issue multifamily operators need to think about when it comes to reducing their risk and exposure to fire loss is maintenance of fire safety systems. “Whether it’s an engineered system, like sprinkler systems, or alarm systems, or things such as keeping exit corridors or outdoor corridors clear and free and accessible, just the everyday maintenance is essential,” he said.  “We know that when we look at fire sprinkler systems, for example, 80 percent of the failures that occur [a fire where we would expect a sprinkler to operate and control the fire] when that fails to happen, it was directly related to maintenance.”

Listen to Risk Management Best Practices for the Multifamily Housing Industry in its entirety at Apartment Academy.


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