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Retail Fire Safety: History, Evolution & Future

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Retail Fire Safety: Evolution and Future

The most recent issue of Retail Facility Business, includes the article “Fired Up,” authored by fire safety expert Bill Tomes, Board Member and Chairman Emeritus, Telgian Corporation. The piece traces the evolution of fire safety in the retail sector, beginning with the 1970’s through the present.

According to Tomes, “Fire and life safety in the retail market is a complex and critically important issue. Many retailers realize the successful continuation of their business depends on keeping their facilities safe and up to code. Those retailers that have had the misfortune to experience a major fire know all too well the importance of regular inspections to avoid another catastrophic blow to their business. While the loss of structures and inventory is damaging enough, when you factor in the potential for injury or death to customers and employees, as well as business interruption over an extended period of time, the impact to a company’s reputation and operations can be devastating and sometimes difficult for a retailer to overcome the perception that customers will not be safe in their stores.”

Tomes is a leader in the fire safety industry and began his career as a firefighter in 1964. After retiring as Fire Marshal of the City of San Diego in 1985, he launched a second career as Founder and CEO of Tomes and Associates, Telgian’s corporate seed. 

Throughout his career, he has served on numerous fire protection, life safety and hazardous materials committees, taught dozens of seminars and authored countless articles for fire protection periodicals. In addition, Tomes is past President of the California Fire Marshals Association and the San Diego Society for Fire Protection Engineers, as well as a former instructor for the National Fire Academy where he taught classes in fire prevention and fire/building code.

Click here to view article in its entirety: Evolution of Fire Safety in Retail

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