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Preparing for a Successful Security Compliance Audit in Chemical Engineering magazine features Telgian’s Ron Razzolini

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Telgian’s Ron Razzolini featured in Chemical Engineering magazine: “Preparing for a Successful Security Compliance Audit” Telgian Management Technologies Director of Business Development, Ron Razzolini, recently shared his safety and security experience in the chemical sector with Chemical Engineering magazine for the article Preparing for a Successful Security Compliance Audit. For more than 125 years, Chemical Engineering magazine has provided news and insights from industry experts, such as Razzolini, on all aspects of the chemical engineering practice.

Razzolini’s experience, which includes more than 35 years in chemical sector safety and a deep technical knowledge of developing, implementing, and managing safety and compliance programs and procedures, provided essential perspective for the piece. Preparing for a Successful Security Compliance Audit addresses important issues such as, “What should be done prior to the inspection?” “How to conduct a site walk through,” and “Who to include on your security compliance audit team.”

“Preparing for a security compliance audit can be an easy and straightforward process for most chemical companies, manufacturers and plants, provided that it’s handled in an organized manner,” explains Razzolini. “The “5 P’s” adage “proper planning prevents poor performance” should be the background theme for the inspection or audit.”

To read Preparing for a Successful Security Compliance Audit in its entirety, please visit Chemical Engineering magazine.

To learn more about Telgian Management Technologies, the leading supplier of cost-effective security compliance software solutions that enhance management of the Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) and the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® Security Code (RCSC) compliance regulation requirements, please visit Telgian Management Technologies.

About Ron Razzolini

Telgian’s Ron Razzolini featured in Chemical Engineering magazine: “Preparing for a Successful Security Compliance Audit” Ronald Razzolini is the Director of Business Development at Telgian Management Technologies. In addition to his 35+ years of experience in chemical sector safety, he also plays an integral role in chemical safety and security procedure development nationwide. His committee experience includes the American Chemistry Council Chemical Security Committee (2001 – 2018) where he acted as Committee Chairman from 2010 – 2013. This chemical industry working group was chartered to protect the chemical sector from threats of terrorism and coordinate activities among industry, legislators and U. S. Department of Homeland Security. In addition, Razzolini participated on the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, where he acted as a subject-matter expert on projects addressing the sharing of information between federal intelligence agencies and the private sector.

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