Ralph E. Bless, Jr., PE, CFPS, SET

Executive Vice President, Innovation and Excellence
Telgian Engineering & Consulting, LLC

Ralph Bless currently serves as Telgian Engineering & Consulting’s Executive Vice President, Innovation and Excellence. He has more than 40 years of experience in fire protection, including a broad range of water-based and special hazard system design, code consulting and fire protection engineering services. He has served as a liaison between customers, authorities having jurisdiction, and contractors/suppliers.

He is licensed as a Professional Engineer in six states, is a Level IV NICET Senior Water Based Fire Sprinkler Layout Technician, and holds a Level III in Inspections & Testing of Water Based Systems, a Level II in Fire Alarm Systems, a Level II in Special Hazards Systems Layout and a Level I in Special Hazards Systems. In addition, Bless holds multiple state and national certifications, including that of Certified Fire Protection Specialist.

Bless serves on six National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Technical Committees. These include chair for Record Storage, NFPA 232, as well as NFPA 1, NFPA 13 SSI (Installation) and the Correlating Committees, NFPA 15, and NFPA 915.