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New Technology and Performance-Based Design Solutions, Per NFPA 13

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New Technology and Performance-Based Design Solutions, Per NFPA 13Telgian Engineering & Design’s Hannah Murray recently explored two types of designs for fire and life safety systems: prescriptive and performance-based (PBD) for Consulting Specifying Engineer magazine. In “NFPA 13 Performance-Based Design Solutions,” Murray identifies the differences between prescriptive and performance design criteria for fire and life safety systems, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of both design types. In addition, she illustrates how a building’s use directly affects the design of a fire and life safety system, and when performance-based design should – and should not – be considered.

“Both designs have practical applications depending on a building’s use, says Murray. “Additionally, both designs have benefits and drawbacks to keep in mind when determining which type to implement.”

Murray is a Fire Protection Consultant at Telgian Engineering & Consulting (TEC), where she performs fire protection system surveys and testing, hydraulic analyses, and code summaries, and meets with various jurisdictions regarding performance-based designs.

Hannah Murray, Fire Protection Consultant, Telgian Engineering & Consulting, LLCTEC has a long-standing reputation of conducting performance-based testing for a variety of customers. The company as responsible for the largest fire test ever conducted at United Laboratories and offers additional in-house fire protection services to solve any and all fire protection needs.

To read “NFPA 13 Performance-Based Design Solutions” please visit Consulting Specifying Engineer magazine.

For additional information or for interviews with Hannah Murray, please contact Telgian Corporate Communications Manager Susan McNeill,

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