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Marina Fire Safety Best Practices to Implement Now

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Marina Fire Safety Best PracticesTelgian Engineering & Consulting, LLC (TEC) Regional Practice Leader and fire protection expert Troy Wiltbank recently authored “Marina Fire Safety – The Best Practices to Implement Now” for Marine Construction magazine. The article explores considerations for fire and life safety in marinas including important codes and standards for essentials, such as smoke alarms and fire suppression equipment.

Wiltbank has more than 24 years of fire protection industry experience, with a special focus on foam fire suppression applications for Class A and B hazards. His expertise includes fire protection for fuel storage terminals, hazardous waste treatment plants and transportation projects. As a speaker and instructor, he conducts fire protection training seminars and webinars across the country, sharing his knowledge of NFPA codes and standards.

“There are many fire risks to manage with a vessel while moored— not only on the vessel, but also on the dock,” says Wiltbank. “While our national codes give us direction and guidance within the International Fire Code (IFC CH36) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 303) Standards, we must do our part to uphold these standards and, in some cases, go beyond the code where necessary.”

In the piece, Wiltbank goes on to explain the importance of understanding increases to the fire load, such as the addition of items deck plastic furniture, foam cushions, exterior carpeting, rugs and propane grills. In addition, the piece covers fire risks and requirements.

Click here to read Marina Fire Safety – The Best Practices to Implement Now in its entirety.

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