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K-12 Campus Emergency Communications

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K-12 Campus Emergency Communications

“The primary concern of every K-12 school is to enable students to learn, grow and thrive in a safe and secure environment, “ says William Sako, Vice President, Security Risk Consulting for fire protection, life safety and security industry leader Telgian Engineering & Consulting. “One of the biggest challenges facing schools is coordinating K-12 campus emergency communications which provide robust, reliable and immediate communications between school staff and first responders during an emergency event.”

Sako recently examined K-12 campus emergency communications is his article “Enabling Students to Learn Safely” in the just-released issue of Campus Security & Safety magazine. In the piece, Sako explains some of the everyday situations faced by K-12 schools that require instant and coordinated responses from multiple teams in order to manage an emergency event

“It is important to recognize that during an emergency, every administrator, teacher and staff member in a school becomes a first responder,” says Sako. “Together, they can provide a coordinated response using various communication tools such as smartphones, two-way radios, laptop computers and iPads.”

A nationally recognized and sought after author and speaker on a wide array of security topics, Sako is uniquely qualified to examine this campus safety issues. As Vice President of Security Risk Consulting at Telgian Engineering & Consulting, Sako oversees the planning and design of security projects for clients across a broad spectrum of industries. With more than 45 years of experience in the security field, Sako’s expertise includes projects for government entities, Fortune 500 companies and public and private corporations in multiple sectors that include entertainment, healthcare, real estate, education, energy, military, embassy, hotel, correctional, religious and transportation.

To read the article in its entirety, please click:  Enabling Students to Learn Safely

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