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International Fire Sprinkler Opportunity article features Telgian’s Russ Leavitt

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International Fire Sprinkler

Telgian’s Executive Chairman, Russell Leavitt, S.E.T., C.F.P.S., recently authored an article titled “International Fire Sprinkler Opportunity Update: The Outlook for 2016” appearing in Sprinkler Age magazine. According to Leavitt, “…statistics show that more sprinklers are now installed internationally than in the United States. However, this is a “good news, bad news” scenario. The rapid increase in the use of sprinklers has created problems including the use of “unlisted” or “certified” system components and a severe shortage of trained fire sprinkler system design and fire sprinkler installation technicians.”

Leavitt is the Executive Chairman of Telgian Corporation, an international fire protection and life safety services organization. He holds a Level IV certification from NICET in Fire Sprinkler Layout, is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist, and a licensed contractor with 32 years of experience. He currently serves as the chair for the Technical Correlating Committee on Sprinkler System Discharge Criteria (NFPA 13), and is a member of the Technical Committee for Sprinkler System Installation (NFPA 13), NFPA 25, NFPA 3 and 4, and the NFPA 5000 Technical Correlating Committee.

To read the article in its entirety, please visit: International Fire Sprinkler Opportunity Update: The Outlook for 2016

American Fire Sprinkler Association, (AFSA)

The American Fire Sprinkler Association, (AFSA) is a non-profit, international association representing merit shop fire sprinkler contractors, dedicated to the educational advancement of its members and promotion of the use of automatic fire sprinkler systems. AFSA promotes the development of educational and training programs to maintain the quality and effectiveness of automatic fire sprinklers and encourages an expanded role for automatic fire sprinklers in protecting lives and property. In addition, the organization disseminates information on labor, technology and business, as well as provides programs to enhance business practices for the merit shop contractor.

Membership is open to contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, designers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction. Currently, AFSA represents companies and individuals in the United States and throughout the world.

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