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International Fire and Safety Journal: Russell Leavitt

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International Fire and Safety Journal Profile: Telgian Executive Chairman and NFPA 1st Vice Chair Russell LeavittTelgian’s Russell Leavitt was recently the subject of a Head-to-Head interview for the inaugural issue of International Fire and Safety Journal. In “Navigating Fire Safety,” Leavitt explores how organizations are taking the lead in developing a true global strategy regarding fire safety.

Throughout the article, Leavitt explores the greatest challenges facing the global fire protection industry. In addition, he discusses where, as an industry, we should start in developing a global approach to fire and life safety.

“As I look at the challenges facing the international market, I cannot help but see a tremendous opportunity for each of us along with our organizations to take the lead developing a true global view and strategy regarding fire safety.  We can start with a move to have the organizations that create codes and standards do so with the world in mind,” explains Levitt.

“NFPA is rapidly moving to this approach.  For the past hundred years, NFPA codes and standards were US centric.  It was an accurate assessment.  However, during the last decade, NFPA has made a concerted effort for the codes and standards making process international in their perspective.  For example, I just completed serving as chair for a major technical committee addressing the 2022 edition of NFPA 13.  The committee includes representatives from Canada, the UK, Sweden, France, Egypt, and Latin America.  The mix is not as broad as desired, but it does demonstrate the desire to create a standard that is global in its approach.”

Leavitt is the Executive Chairman of Telgian Holdings, Inc., as well as the newly appointed 1st Vice Chair of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  In addition, he serves as Chair of the NFPA 13 Sprinkler System Discharge Criteria Technical Committee, on the NFPA 13 Installation Technical Committee, as well as NFPA 3, NFPA 4 and the Cultural Resources (NFPA 909 and 914) Technical Committees.

Leavitt is also a senior instructor for AFSA and Fire Smarts and conducts fire and life safety seminars nationally and internationally on a variety of related subjects. A sought-after speaker and presenter with almost four decades of industry experience, Leavitt has long been recognized for his fire and life safety expertise.

To read the International Fire and Safety Journal article in its entirety, click here

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