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ICC approved training WEBINAR by Telgian’s Ralph Bless

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Telgian’s Ralph Bless to present ICC approved training courses

UPDATE: As of 3-20-2020, to ensure the safety of all, this event has become an ICC approved training WEBINAR.  Fire protection industry expert Ralph Bless will present three Fire Smarts workshops at the Everett Fire Department in Everett, Washington on March 24 -25, 2020. These include Hydraulic Calculations for Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Pump Testing and Analysis, and NFPA 13, 2016 Edition Update. Each of the presentations complies with International Code Council (ICC) CEU requirements for ICC approved training courses. Completion of these workshops will earn attendees with CPD points required for NICET certification, in addition to enhancing technical knowledge.

Presenter Ralph E. Bless, Jr., PE, CFPS, SET is the Vice President, Account Management of fire protection engineering, safety, and security industry leader Telgian. Bless offers more than 37 years of experience in fire protection, including a broad range of water-based and special hazard system design, code consulting, and fire protection engineering services.

In addition to several state and national certifications, Bless is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist, a licensed Professional Engineer, and a Level IV NICET Senior Fire Sprinkler Layout Technician. He also holds a Level II in Inspections & Testing of Water Based Systems, a Level II in Fire Alarm Systems, a Level II in Special Hazards Systems Layout, and a Level I in Special Hazards Systems.

An active fire protection industry leader, Bless chairs the NFPA 232, Technical Committee for Record Storage. In addition, he serves as a member of the NFPA 15 Technical Committee for Water Spray Systems, NFPA 13 SSI (Installation), and the Correlating Committees.

ICC Approved Training Courses

Hydraulic Calculations for Fire Sprinkler Systems

The first of Bless’s ICC approved training courses, March 24, 2020 (8:00 am-5:00 pm Pacific), introduces participants to hydraulic calculations including:

  • sprinkler operating pressure
  • elevation pressure
  • friction-loss

This course will examine the density / area approach to determine design criteria including water demand for sprinklers and hose allowance. In addition, Bless will review the common system configurations, while examining the benefits of each.

Attendees will also review requirements for performing hydraulic calculations, as per NFPA 13 including required forms, C-values, and equivalent lengths. In addition, participants will review hydraulic principles for calculating specific application sprinklers using minimum K-factors and pressure, the principles for determining the hydraulically most demanding area, and changing the sprinkler area of coverage, density, and orifice size to find the most efficient system layout and configuration. Finally, the calculation concepts for using looped and gridded configurations will be examined.

Fire Pump Testing and Analysis

During this course, March 25, 2020 (8:00 am-12:00 pm Pacific), Bless will cover the requirements and procedures for fire pump acceptance testing found in NFPA 20, as well as those for the ongoing periodic testing as mandated by NFPA 25. In addition, the roles of the contractor, manufacturer’s representatives, and the AHJ will be reviewed in conjunction with acceptance testing, as well as the procedures used for electric motor drivers, engine drives, and alternate power where provided.

Bless will review weekly and monthly no-flow test requirements and procedures, along with those used with the annual performance test of fire pump systems. Finally, participants will conduct exercises demonstrating plotting pump curves, using affinity laws, and determining acceptable pump performance.

NFPA 13 2016 Edition Update 

Telgian’s Ralph Bless to present ICC approved training coursesBless’s third presentation, NFPA 13 2016 Edition Update, is essential for anyone installing, approving, or designing fire sprinkler systems. During this course on March 25, 2020 (1:00 pm-5:00 pm Pacific), Bless will review the major technical changes found in the document including new requirements for the sprinkler protection of ceiling clouds, elevator shafts, dwelling unit bathrooms, and other significant revisions for using sprinklers.

In addition, new requirements for storage commodity classification will be reviewed, as well as new and revised storage protection scenarios.

To learn more about this ICC approved training WEBINAR, or to register for additional ICC approved training courses by fire protection expert Ralph Bless, please visit the Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office.

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