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Hospital Fire Alarm System Design Components

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Key Fire Alarm System Design Components in HospitalsTelgian fire protection experts recently weighed in on essential fire alarm system design components for the healthcare industry in Medical Construction and Design magazine. The article explores how fire alarm systems have become increasingly complex, incorporating a series of sensors and state-of-the-art technology. The new additions allow fires to be detected more quickly, alerting both occupants and the authorities, which is crucial in healthcare facilities, as they are frequently filled with non-ambulatory patients.

Two of the more common key components in fire alarm design are the use of private and public notification operating modes and the defend-in-place strategy.  

Private operating mode is commonly used in patient care areas where patients are incapable of self-preservation. Public operating mode is commonly used in waiting rooms, cafeterias, common and public areas and business floors (i.e. offices).

The defend-in-place strategy is used to protect patients, staff, and visitors in the event of a fire or fire alarm event in a healthcare facility. This allows healthcare staff to keep these patients in the facility, while also continuing to receive any essential treatment.

The use of fire alarm private and public notification operating modes and the defend-in-place strategy are both essential protection strategies in the event of a healthcare facility fire. By employing both strategies, while following NFPA code, fire alarm designers can create systems that respond rapidly and appropriately to fire emergencies, saving lives and property.

To read Key Fire Alarm System Design Components in Hospitals in its entirety, please visit Medical Construction & Design magazine.

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