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Going Beyond Fire Code: Planning with a Professional

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Going Beyond Fire Code May Pay Off, Telgians Drew Gerard articleAccording to Telgian Engineering & Consulting Regional Practice Leader and fire protection expert Drew Gerard, incorporating technology such as wireless fire alarm systems and addressable emergency notification systems may reduce overall costs over the life of a fire safety system. In addition, they can make for an even better system overall. Gerard explores this topic in the recently published, “For Fire Safety Systems, Going Beyond Code May Pay Off” in magazine.

“Fire suppression and alarm systems, fire protection water supply, and life safety features should be understood and planned for before construction begins,” says Gerard. The article also explores avoiding surprises on new construction sites and other new construction considerations, why renovations and conversions require early fire code review, the specifics of how investing in a fire protection engineering professional saves the bottom line, an explanation of the various types suppression systems, the results of poor fire protection planning and details regarding going beyond fire code.

Gerard adds, “The early and detailed involvement of a fire protection professional and approving authority during the development and planning stages of a building’s design will pay dividends. Spending a few thousand dollars during the planning phase could save some exponential multiple of that fee by ensuring that the building being erected is safe for its occupants, will stand the test of time and will have no surprises on Opening Day.”

The article’s release coincides with the start of Building Safety Month. This is an international campaign celebrated each May to raise awareness about building safety and reinforce the need for the adoption of modern, regularly-updated building codes. Building Safety Month helps all stakeholders better understand what it takes to create safe and sustainable structures.

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