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Live Fire Sprinkler Training: Woodinville Fire & Rescue

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Live Fire Sprinkler Training: Woodinville Fire & RescueTelgian Vice President, Account Management Ralph Bless will conduct two days of live fire sprinkler training at Woodinville Fire & Rescue Station in Woodinville, WA on November 13 and 14.

The November 13 course, Fire Sprinkler Systems – Plan Review and Acceptance Testing for AHJ’s is an 8-hour course that covers the approval of fire sprinkler systems and includes a review of the design documents and an onsite verification of the completed system. This course is geared toward the AHJ and takes attendees through a step-by-step review of fire sprinkler working drawings, the accompanying hydraulic calculations, and the requirements for acceptance testing of the system.

This course utilizes the requirements found in NFPA 13 and 13R. Attendees will work with an actual fire sprinkler working plan and the accompanying hydraulic calculations.

The November 14 course, Hydraulic Calculations for Fire Sprinkler Systems is an 8-hour course that introduces participants to hydraulic calculations including sprinkler operating pressure, elevation pressure, and friction-loss. This course will examine the density/area approach to determine design criteria including water demand for sprinklers and hose allowance. A review of the common system configurations will be conducted examining the benefits of each.

In addition, the requirements for performing hydraulic calculations as per NFPA 13 will be discussed including the required forms, C-values, and equivalent lengths. Participants will also review hydraulic principles for calculating specific application sprinklers using minimum K-factors and pressure, the principles for determining the hydraulically most demanding area, and changing the sprinkler area of coverage, density, and orifice size to find the most efficient system layout and configuration. The calculation concepts for using looped and gridded configurations will be examined.

For additional information on this live fire sprinkler training, please visit the Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Live Fire Sprinkler Training: Woodinville Fire & RescueAbout the Presenter: Ralph E. Bless, Jr., PE, CFPS, SET

Ralph Bless has more than 35 years of fire protection engineering experience in areas that include system design, consulting, risk analysis, and code review. He has served as a liaison between customers, authorities having jurisdiction, and contractors/suppliers, and has expertise in the design of water-based fire suppression systems, as well as fire and smoke modeling.

He is a Professional Engineer licensed in six states and is a Level IV NICET senior certified fire sprinkler layout technician and holds 3 additional NICET certifications. Ralph also holds several state and national certifications including that of Certified Fire Protection Specialist. Currently, he serves on four NFPA code committees.

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