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Fire Protection Training: Telgian’s Commitment to Excellence

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Fire Protection Training: Telgian's Commitment to ExcellenceAs part of Telgian’s continued commitment to excellence, this week our Test & Inspection Team converged on the Phoenix Headquarters for a week filled with fire protection training, presentations and important new information, as well as numerous hands-on activities. Fire Protection Training sessions included:

  • Hands-on training in the wet-lab for sprinkler valves, antifreeze systems, backflow assemblies, and fire pumps, led by Bilal Muhammad and Tracey Bellamy,
  • Hands-on training in the fire alarm lab, led by Tom Parrish,
  • Customer expectations and trends, led by Ralph Bless,
  • Human resource topics, led by Debi Roy,
  • NFPA 25 review, led by Russ Leavitt, and
  • Scribe Update, led by Renae Newby.

In addition, Al Gargano reviewed the state of the company, focusing on inspection services and Chuck Harkness presented new programs involving items such as fire department connection caps, pressure gauges and alarm panel batteries. Additional discussions were held regarding safety, as well as lift training for those in need of certification. Attendees even participated in the T5 Team Trivia competition to determine which region of inspectors is the most knowledgeable regarding technical issues and company procedures!

The All Hands Meeting clearly illustrates, why, for first-class Fire Testing and Inspection Services, there’s no substitute for Telgian.

About Telgian Fire Safety

Since 1985, Telgian Fire Safety has served as a trusted partner to clients around the globe, providing innovative solutions and keeping facilities safe, compliant and on budget. Telgian’s expertise includes testing, inspections and repair of Fire Life Safety Systems including Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems, Backflow Systems, Emergency/Exit Lights, Special Hazards, Clean Agent Systems and Fire Alarm Monitoring.

We specialize in service to multi-location properties, as well as large single-campus facilities. Telgian services more than 45,000 locations annually throughout the US and abroad, providing a centralized approach and standardized way for clients to manage a fire and life safety program including Inventory Tracking, Capital Replacement Programs, Budgeting and Forecasting.

In addition, our customer-first culture ensures that clients receive the best service for their unique needs. Telgian is an unbiased provider, separating the inspection and testing process from the repairs, and eliminating all conflict of interest.

To learn more, visit Telgian Fire Systems Testing and Inspections.

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